Ghaida Al Ghanim

Emirates Woman - - #eastmeetswest - Fol­low: @gee.gaga

With an ar­dent in­ter­est in the mag­nif­i­cence of the eye and the mys­tery it be­holds, Ghaida Al Ghanim shares her cu­rios­ity through her bold paint­brush strokes and unique use of mixed me­dia.

“The eyes do all the work. The first thing you see when you meet a per­son is their eyes and this doesn’t change when look­ing at a piece of art. The viewer’s eye is nat­u­rally drawn straight to the soul of the paint­ing,” pro­claims Ghaida. Hav­ing been cap­ti­vated by Greek clas­si­cal an­tiq­uity, most promi­nently the iconic evil eye, from a very young age, this fas­ci­na­tion has evolved into a mo­tif in her work.

Born and raised in Saudi, Ghaida has been paint­ing since she re­mem­bers. When ob­serv­ing her works closely, there is a lot of colour, pat­tern, en­ergy and emo­tion in­volved in the ma­jor­ity of her mixed me­dia pieces. Ara­bic art, pat­terns and the Ara­bic al­pha­bet can be found ly­ing be­tween her strokes. “I al­ways take some ideas from Ara­bic pat­terns, but my works are free-flow­ing. I tend to not pre­plan or pre-com­po­si­tion my work, I like to be free and let my in­ner artis­tic power take con­trol. And the same ap­plies to when I feel in­spired to paint. I re­mem­ber a time I was trav­el­ling and I woke up in the mid­dle of the night to paint. It’s very rarely planned.”

Al­though Ghaida is at the very start of her artis­tic ca­reer, her style is al­ready form­ing through her col­lec­tions of work, with re­cur­ring lines and colours. Tak­ing in­spi­ra­tions from Greek art, her Ara­bic her­itage and a fas­ci­na­tion with Western master artists whose work has con­trib­uted to art move­ments, such as Pi­casso and Cu­bism, Sal­vador Dalí and Sur­re­al­ism, we can ex­pect to see a lot from the emerg­ing Saudi artist and her own unique eye.

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