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1. In 1816 Fran­cisco Goya (pic­tured) pub­lished a se­ries of 33 etch­ings called La Tau­ro­maquia, which refers to what ac­tiv­ity? a. Singing b. Bull­fight­ing c. The Span­ish In­qui­si­tion d. Or­ange pick­ing

2. “A Bird’s Eye View of Paris” and “The Bells” are chap­ters in which 1831 novel? a. A Tale of Two Cities b. Les Misérables c. The Three Mus­ke­teers

d. The Hunch­back of Notre-Dame 3. By the present-day def­i­ni­tion, which is the only planet of the so­lar sys­tem not rep­re­sented in Gus­tav Holst’s 1916 work The Plan­ets? a. Mer­cury b. Venus c. Earth d. Mars 4. In 1930 which nov­el­ist be­came the first Amer­i­can to win the No­bel Prize for lit­er­a­ture? a. Sin­clair Lewis b. Ernest Hem­ing­way c. John Stein­beck d. Pearl S Buck Lewis Sin­clair a. 4.

Earth c. 3.

DameNotre- of Hunch­back The d. 2. Bull­fight­ing b. 1. An­swers

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