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Aries Mar 20 – Apr 18

This Sun­day’s Full Moon both height­ens your emo­tions and ac­cel­er­ates events. Ur­gent as de­ci­sions may seem, with changes con­tin­u­ing un­til the mid­dle of July and more of­fers sur­fac­ing, even the sim­plest plans should be flex­i­ble.

Tau­rus Apr 19 – May 19

The cy­cle of change will con­tinue well into the month of July. Know­ing that, rather than bat­tle those changes, fo­cus on learn­ing what you can about them. What comes to light will re­as­sure and ex­cite you.

Gemini May 20 – Jun 20

Right now ex­am­in­ing the prac­ti­cal side of your life is first on your agenda. But with your ruler Mer­cury caus­ing con­fu­sion, mi­nor er­rors are in­evitable. Th­ese will be un­set­tling, but in­for­ma­tive. This pe­riod will pass, just be pa­tient.

Can­cer Jun 21 – Jul 21

With boun­ti­ful Jupiter, planet of good for­tune, mov­ing into Can­cer on the 26th for a year-long stay, cer­tain ar­range­ments could end. If so, they’re only clear­ing the way for some ex­cit­ing and re­ward­ing events in your fu­ture.

Leo Jul 22 – Aug 21

Be­tween other peo­ple’s com­plaints and big changes in your life, you are feel­ing a bit chaotic at the mo­ment. Tempt­ing as it is to rush through this pe­riod of change, al­low them to un­fold at their own pace.

Virgo Aug 22 – Sep 21

No­body’s bet­ter than you at plan­ning ahead. But even you are sur­prised by the cy­cle of change that con­tin­ues this month. Dis­rup­tive as events are, each is break­ing ground for some­thing good.

Libra Sep 22 – Oct 22

Even at your most thor­ough, you couldn’t an­tic­i­pate the com­ing week’s changes. Wor­ry­ing as this sounds, what’s sur­pris­ing could also be best. But you won’t al­ways know that un­til you’ve lived with changes. So you need to be pa­tient.

Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21

Most of the changes tak­ing place right now are in­evitable and you may be hav­ing clashes with oth­ers about re­lated anx­i­eties. The more you ex­plore, the bet­ter you’ll un­der­stand new de­vel­op­ments and the re­lated is­sues.

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 20

Jupiter’s move into Can­cer ac­cents prac­ti­cal mat­ters in your life. Since re­cent events have been so dra­matic you may not no­tice things start­ing to shift. Grad­u­ally you’ll recog­nise changes in your per­spec­tive and pri­or­i­ties.

Capri­corn Dec 21 – Jan 18

You’re in for a se­ries of un­set­tling de­vel­op­ments thanks to the in­ten­si­fied feel­ings trig­gered by this Sun­day’s Capri­corn Full Moon. Know­ing that, fo­cus on ex­plor­ing your op­tions. Ma­jor de­ci­sions can wait un­til you know more.

Aquarius Jan 19 – Feb 17

Events might be forc­ing you to make other peo­ple’s needs your pri­or­ity. The best strat­egy is to help with­out com­plaint. Within the next few weeks there will be an un­ex­pected and wel­come pay-off.

Pisces Feb 18 – Mar 19

While the rapid pace and ex­tent of events this week is bound to cre­ate dis­ar­ray, it will pass swiftly. Once it does, you’ll re­alise the amaz­ing things trans­form­ing sev­eral ar­eas of your life.

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