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Each of th­ese is a quiz ques­tion in its own right, but the an­swers con­nect to a com­mon theme, which could be any­thing from plumb straight­for­ward to bizarrely lat­eral. 1. What hard, fi­brous struc­tural tis­sue found in the stems and roots of trees has been used for thou­sands of years as both fuel and a con­struc­tion ma­te­rial? 2. What do you get as a re­sult of the rapid ox­i­da­tion of a ma­te­rial in the exother­mic chem­i­cal process of com­bus­tion, re­leas­ing heat, light and var­i­ous reaction prod­ucts?

3. What name is given to an el­e­ment, com­pound, or al­loy that is a good con­duc­tor of both elec­tric­ity and heat, and which is usu­ally shiny, mal­leable and duc­tile?

4. Apart from salt, which is the other in­or­ganic (non-car­bon-con­tain­ing) sub­stance that the hu­man body is ca­pa­ble of ab­sorb­ing? 5. Which is the dens­est planet in our so­lar sys­tem?

phi­los­o­phy Chi­nese in Xing, Wu or Ele­ments, Five the rep­re­sent They link: The Earth 5. Wa­ter 4. Me­tal 3.

Fire 2. Wood 1. An­swers

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