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We ask James Cas­tro of James & Alex Dance Stu­dios, what he’s lis­ten­ing to and what mu­sic means to him...

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1. Lucky Dog by Tito Puente 2. Que Mu­jer by Or­lando Marin 3. Llanto De Coco­drilo by Ray Bar­retto 4. Hilda by Al­fredo De La Fé

5. Amalia Batista by Tipica 73 6. Good News by Harvie S 7. Si­len­cio by Orquesta Har­low

8. Vuela La Paloma by Tito Ro­dríguez 9. Ba­calao salao by Tito Ro­dríguez 10. Yo Soy Ba­balu by Joe Cuba


What’s your favourite kind of mu­sic? Nowa­days it is Latin, Latin jazz, and NY Mambo, which iron­i­cally I hated when I was younger. I have al­ways loved jazz though and I think my taste has ex­panded into th­ese gen­res over time. What does mu­sic mean to you? Be­ing a dancer, when I hear a great song I just want to get up and dance. If it’s re­ally amaz­ing, it in­spires me to chore­o­graph a show. Mu­sic you grew up lis­ten­ing to? I only re­ally started lis­ten­ing to mu­sic when I got to 14 or 15 and it was mainly chart mu­sic around the mid 90’s. I played the pi­ano and trum­pet grow­ing up and al­ways wanted to play jazz pro­fes­sion­ally, but I could never im­pro­vise, so that didn’t last long. Your favourite party track? I don’t want to hear the same song at ev­ery party. If I over-hear a track af­ter a while I start hat­ing it, which does some­times hap­pens to songs I per­form to or use too of­ten in classes. There are some songs I never ever want to hear again for this rea­son!

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