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Fri­day in­tern Bharath Rameshan on things he wishes he knew be­fore he went to univer­sity.

1 Two-minute noo­dles are a gift to mankind, but it takes longer than two min­utes to cook them. 2Laun­dry

doesn’t get done on its own. There’s ap­par­ently a ma­chine that washes it. And there’s also a won­der­ful ma­chine that gath­ers your clothes from where you leave them and loads them into the washer. I call her mom. 3Soap

and shav­ing cream are lux­u­ries, sub­ject to your fi­nan­cial sta­tus. 4Wikipedia

is not the only go-to source of info. There were sev­eral for­eign phrases thrown at me when I asked why. “Doesn’t count” and “not valid source” were some of them. 5The

sun only shines when you’re tied down in the li­brary. 6A

bank bal­ance is like an en­dan­gered species that be­comes ex­tinct be­fore you take any steps to save it. 7On­line

regis­tra­tion for class is a bat­tle­field and there are no win­ners. 8Catch­ing

up on Game of Thrones isn’t rea­son enough for a dead­line ex­ten­sion. 9Fi­nals

week at univer­sity is a cam­pus-wide headache. Not a soul steps out­side, ev­ery­one is ago­ra­pho­bic and has a headache. The caf­feine con­sump­tion is com­pa­ra­ble to that of a small coun­try’s. 10Sub­mit­ting

an as­sign­ment on dead­line is akin to the fi­nal fight scene in an ac­tion movie. Be gone evil as­sign­ment, I have de­feated you for good… un­til to­mor­row when I start the next one.

Bharath Rameshan, third-year jour­nal­ism, me­dia and cul­tural stud­ies stu­dent at Kingston Univer­sity,


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