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Friday - - Wanted -

1. What name is shared by a type­face font and a doomed fam­ily in a Sher­lock Holmes story? a. Wat­son b. Mil­ver­ton c. Usher d. Baskerville 2. The river Danube does not flow through which cap­i­tal city? a. Vi­enna b. Bu­dapest c. Bucharest d. Bel­grade 3. CB Fry (pic­tured)

rep­re­sented Eng­land at cricket and football, and held the world record for which sport? a. Javelin b. Shot put c. High jump d. Long jump 4. Who wrote six ro­mances un­der the name Mary West­ma­cott? a. Jane Austen b. Louisa May Al­cott c. Agatha Christie d. Enid Bly­ton


Christie Agatha c. 4. jump Long d. 3. Bucharest c. 2. Baskerville d. 1.

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