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1. Hun­gar­ian ar­chi­tect who in­vented the world’s top-sell­ing puz­zle game in 1974, of which ap­prox­i­mately 350 mil­lion have been sold since (5) 4. King of Ly­dia cred­ited with is­su­ing the first true gold coins, whose name is syn­ony­mous with great wealth (7) 8. Clin­i­cal anatomist and pro­fes­sor who pre­sented TV pro­grammes in­clud­ing The In­cred­i­ble Hu­man Jour­ney, Ori­gins of Us, Dig­ging for Bri­tain and Pre­his­toric Au­topsy (7) 12. Founded in 1508 by Juan Ponce de León, the cap­i­tal of Puerto Rico (3,4) 13. Va­ri­ety of let­tuce also called crisp­head, used as the base of ret­rostyle prawn cock­tails (7) 14. Re­lat­ing to the coun­try­side (5) 15. Com­mon or an­cient name of a penin­sula in the ex­treme south­west of Europe; also, the sec­ond of three or­ches­tral Im­ages by De­bussy (6) 16. Blooms­bury Group mem­ber and sis­ter of Vanessa Bell who wrote the books Mrs Dal­loway, To the Light­house and A Room of One’s Own (5) 17. Trousers for horse-rid­ing worn with an­kle boots and half-chaps (8) 20. Work­room of an artist, pho­tog­ra­pher, pot­ter or sculp­tor; also a place where dancers prac­tise and ex­er­cise (6) 22. Mould­ing used in Clas­si­cal ar­chi­tec­ture with egg-and-dart (5) 23. Fresh­wa­ter or marine rep­tile known col­lec­tively as a bale or a dole (6) 26. The _____; Acad­emy Award­win­ning drama film set in New Zealand star­ring Holly Hunter and Harvey Kei­tel (5) 28. Place name de­rived from a ge­o­graph­i­cal fea­ture (7) 30. Largest moon of the sev­enth planet from the sun, named af­ter the queen of the fairies in Shake­speare’s A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream (7) 32. Skill and ex­pe­ri­ence in the tech­ni­cal­i­ties of the theatre (10) 33. Bri­tish Cycling per­for­mance di­rec­tor who man­ages Team Sky (10) 36. Ti­tle, orig­i­nally with­out of­fi­cial recog­ni­tion, that was first used by Mo­ham­mad Ali Pasha (7)

38. _______ to Kill; the first of the James Bond movies that was not based on a book or ti­tle by Ian Flem­ing (7) 39. Es­cape or avoid pay­ing tax, es­pe­cially by il­le­git­i­mate pre­sen­ta­tion of one’s fi­nances (5) 40. De­scend a rock face with a rope (6) 43. Mytho­log­i­cal Greek daugh­ter of Tan­talus whose boast­ing re­sulted in her be­ing turned into a stone (5) 45. Ac­tress and scriptwriter whose TV dra­mas in­clude Band of Gold, Fat Friends and The Syn­di­cate (6) 49. Royal ________; ser­vice founded in 1918 with the motto Per Ar­dua ad As­tra ( Through Ad­ver­sity to the Stars) (3,5) 50. Hawai­ian greet­ing used to say hello or good­bye (5) 51. Ac­tor who starred in Dennis Pot­ter’s The Singing De­tec­tive as Philip Mar­low and as Pro­fes­sor Dum­ble­dore in six of the Harry Pot­ter films (6) 55. Trinida­dian dance in­volv­ing bend­ing back­wards un­der a grad­u­ally low­er­ing hor­i­zon­tal pole (5) 56. French city, scene of Joan of Arc’s first vic­tory over the English dur­ing the Hun­dred Years War (7) 57. Fol­low­ing his 108-minute or­bital flight in the Vos­tok 1 craft in 1961, the first man in space (7) 58. Ac­tor who starred in Mary Pop­pins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (3,4) 59. Body of wa­ter in Antarc­tica be­tween Marie Byrd Land and Vic­to­ria Land, one of the last re­main­ing stretches of ocean not harmed by hu­man ac­tiv­ity (4,3) 60. Third most pop­u­lous UK city (5)


1. Vic­to­rian art and so­cial critic who wrote The Seven Lamps of Ar­chi­tec­ture and The Stones of Venice (6) 2. Ac­tor and play­wright noted for stage re­vue Be­yond the Fringe and tele­vi­sion drama Talk­ing Heads (7) 3. Hawaii’s “Gar­den Isle” (5) 4. Woody stem of the rasp­berry plant (4) 5. A South Amer­i­can river (7) 6. 1945 Al­fred Hitch­cock thriller star­ring In­grid Bergman and Gre­gory Peck (10) 7. Roofed struc­ture for pot­ting plants and stor­ing gar­den­ing tools (4) 8. Plant in the daisy fam­ily with yel­low flow­ers, toxic to horses and cat­tle (7) 9. French ac­tress nick­named “The Di­vine Sarah” (9) 10. Largest fam­ily of baleen whales (7) 11. 1984 film star­ring Daryl Han­nah as a mer­maid and Tom Hanks (6) 18. Mu­si­cal form orig­i­nally in­vented by Ir­ish com­poser John Field and de­vel­oped fur­ther by Frédéric Chopin; also a paint­ing of a night scene (8) 19. Vanilla-scented com­pound nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring in tonka beans, cin­na­mon, melilot and sweet woodruff (8) 21. The male of the honey-bee (5) 24. Soviet-French chess grand­mas­ter, world cham­pion from 1969–72 (7) 25. Ac­tress who starred in The Killers and

The Night of the Iguana (7) 27. Aloe-like suc­cu­lent also called a cen­tury plant (5) 29. Chick of an auk seen in Shet­land, Orkney and the Isles of Scilly (8) 30. Sit­u­a­tion in­volv­ing mak­ing a de­ci­sion from a choice of three un­favourable op­tions in­stead of two (8) 31. The third-largest city in Zam­bia (5) 34. Nov­el­ist whose books in­clude

A Per­fect Stranger and Friends For­ever; one of the best-sell­ing au­thors of all time (5)

35. Tom Brown’s __________; 2005 tele­vi­sion adap­ta­tion star­ring Stephen Fry of a novel by Thomas Hughes (10) 37. The study of peace (9) 41. Ac­tress who starred in Casablanca (7) 42. Sugar present in milk (7) 44. An­cient Greek city that was the site of the Tem­ple of Artemis (7)

46. In the UK, the cur­rent Chan­cel­lor of the Ex­che­quer (7)

47. Rus­sian psy­chol­o­gist best known for his stud­ies and ex­per­i­ments on the con­di­tioned re­flex, us­ing dogs (6) 48. Genus name of the pineap­ple (6) 52. _____ hair; very fine type of pasta (5) 53. Band who re­leased Leisure in 1991 (4) 54. Site of the Taj Ma­hal mau­soleum (4)

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