take 10 peo­ple who get park­ing spot-on

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1 The stalker: They cruise ever so slowly, fol­low­ing a fam­ily as they walk back to their car. The car park is a jun­gle and th­ese guys are the lions, stalk­ing their prey.

2 The ninja: You’ve toiled away in the car park, eyes burn­ing from squint­ing as you stalk obliv­i­ous fam­i­lies. It’s not a mi­rage, there ac­tu­ally is a spot, and just as you’re about to pull in, with a lit­tle whip of their steer­ing wheel the ninja parker is in your spot.

3 The long-dis­tance car parker: “Hey is there park­ing there? Yeah? Save me a spot.” He grabs his keys and leaves home.

4 The lucky guy: This is the man we love to hate. You step out of your car, hav­ing fought what can only be de­scribed as a war, drip­ping sweat and ego suf­fi­ciently bruised. Then lo and be­hold, he pulls up and gift-wrapped in your blood, sweat and tears is a park­ing spot.

5 The in­dif­fer­ent parker: He’s the kind who sets lim­its for him­self, any­thing more than 10 park­ing spa­ces away from his des­ti­na­tion is for­bid­den land. And the rule never changes.

6 The dare­devil dou­ble parker: His su­per pow­ers range from dou­ble park­ing in front of a parked car to non­cha­lantly leav­ing his haz­ard lights on as he watches a three-hour movie.

7 The game changer: He is at the end of his rapidly fray­ing rope, des­per­ately call­ing his friends to change plans. “Why do we need to watch a movie? Let’s just go home, there’s plenty of park­ing there.”

8 The early bird: This one is a stick­ler for be­ing on time so it only makes sense that he gets to his des­ti­na­tion a min­i­mum of two hours early. It seems a smart idea, but not for those who have bet­ter things to do.

9 The wily one: This ea­gle-eyed parker can spot a head­light flash on, a door un­lock and the engine start – all enough rea­son for him to swoop in. In the blink of an eye, the space is his.

10 The stub­born one: He is adamant about cir­cling the block no mat­ter how long or how much petrol is used. Un­for­tu­nately, there are some things that just don’t change, like facts. As Ron­ald Rea­gan once said, quot­ing John Adams, “Facts are stub­born things” and you won’t find park­ing in Meena Bazaar. As told to Bharath Rameshan, an in­tern with Fri­day

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