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This clas­sic rice pud­ding is pop­u­lar all over the In­dian sub­con­ti­nent, es­pe­cially dur­ing Eid as it is a great way to off­set the spicy flavours of the main course.

Prep time: 20 mins Cook­ing time: 30 mins

In­gre­di­ents 100g bas­mati rice, washed and soaked in wa­ter for 15 mins 1 litre milk 1 tsp green car­damoms, bruised 200g sweet­ened con­densed milk 150g milk pow­der 2 tsp pis­ta­chio sliv­ers 60g cashew nuts, chopped 2 tsp al­mond sliv­ers 120g sugar pinch saf­fron

Method: 1. Drain rice through a muslin cloth then grind un­til it gets a se­molina-like tex­ture. Stir in a few ta­ble­spoons of milk­milk. 2. Bring re­main­ing milk to a boil. Add car­damom and rice pow­der mix­ture, stir­ring con­stantly to avoid lumps. Cook over medi­umhigh heat un­til rice is cooked and pud­ding thick­ens. 3. Re­duce heat to low, add con­densed milk and milk pow­der and stir well to com­bine. 4. Add half pis­ta­chios, cashews and al­monds. Add sugar and stir un­til it dis­solves. 5. Re­move from heat, leave to cool then re­frig­er­ate un­til cold. Gar­nish with re­main­ing nuts and saf­fron and serve cold.

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