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1. Who has never been in a film di­rected by Al­fred Hitch­cock? a. Sean Con­nery b. Julie An­drews c. El­iz­a­beth Tay­lor d. Paul New­man 2. Which is Europe’s high­est point? a. Mont Blanc b. The Mat­ter­horn c. Mount El­brus d. Ben Ne­vis 3. Ae­sop of Ae­sop’s Fa­bles is pre­sumed to have been born in Thrace, that is in which present-day coun­try? a. Greece b. Ro­ma­nia c. Italy d. Iran 4. How many open­ing

moves are avail­able to White at the start of a game of chess? a. Eight b. Six­teen c. Eigh­teen d. Twenty Twenty d. 4. Greece a. 3. El­brus Mount c. 2.

Cur­tain). Torn in were An­drews Julie and New­man Paul and Marnie, in was Con­nery Sean( Tay­lor El­iz­a­beth c. 1.


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