The bald truth

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For most women it’s the first thing we ex­per­i­ment with – should I have blonde high­lights, lay­ers, a perm, grow it long or cut it into a crop? With a twirl of tongs or hiss of the straight­en­ers we can trans­form our locks into our crown­ing glory.

We think our hair helps define us, so if it kinks up the wrong way, goes frizzy or hangs limp around our face we de­clare a bad hair day.

So imag­ine the ter­ror Ge­or­gia Van Cuylen­burg went through when hers started fall­ing out in clumps in the shower. She was a hair model and star­ing at her re­flec­tion in the mir­ror, with bald patches where her shiny blonde hair had been just min­utes be­fore, she feared her life would never be the same again.

She was di­ag­nosed with alope­cia, but for years hid her prob­lem un­der hats and wigs. And then one day, speak­ing to some chil­dren, she re­alised her bald­ness was part of her, and noth­ing to be ashamed of. She em­braced the way she looks now and has gone on to be just as suc­cess­ful and happy as she was be­fore. Read her in­ter­est­ing story on page 28 – it’s a les­son to all of us that real beauty re­ally is about con­fi­dence and how we view our­selves, and not just what we look like. Un­til next week,

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