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The lover goes to work be­cause they like the re­la­tion­ships their jobs bring them, whether they’re in an of­fice or out on the road sell­ing. You’ll hear them say­ing most of their clients are good friends. They’re in­ter­ested in peo­ple, they re­mem­ber birthdays and names and ask car­ing ques­tions. They tend to be gen­er­ous and open and they share their ideas. They’re usu­ally the life and soul of an of­fice and they of­ten see their col­leagues out­side work. They have a gift for con­ver­sa­tion and they’re per­sua­sive. If you want your staff to work late one evening, the Lover of the of­fice will per­suade them. What they do: This per­son is ex­cel­lent in the diplo­matic ser­vice, they can usu­ally sell any­thing to any­one, they can per­suade peo­ple to get in­volved in their projects and they’re bril­liant in fundrais­ing for char­i­ties. Weak ar­eas: The lover avoids con­flict and dif­fi­cult con­ver­sa­tions and they find it hard to dis­ci­pline and con­trol peo­ple. They’re not as self-re­liant as some types and they seek other peo­ple’s ap­proval too much. They’re of­ten seen as play­ers rather than lead­ers, and they shy away from awkward jobs such as mak­ing staff re­dun­dant. They try to be ev­ery­one’s friend and feel un­com­fort­able when they have dif­fi­cult jobs to do, such as deal­ing with dis­ci­pline is­sues.

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