Tele­pathic app pays off

Friday - - Friday Inbox - ABHIK SARKAR, VIA EMAIL

When I read Suresh Menon’s col­umn, ‘It’s just not app-pro­pri­ate’ (Au­gust 23), I was re­minded of the first time I down­loaded an app. I was both ex­cited and hes­i­tant. The app promised to save me thou­sands of taps on my smart­phone screen if I al­lowed it to read through my mails and SMSs. Now this app not only com­pletes my words, but also my sen­tences. It sug­gests I should sign off that mes­sage to my mum with my pet name rather than my proper name and al­ready knows whether I will start my SMS with a “hey”, “hi” or “hello” depend­ing on who I start com­mu­ni­cat­ing with.

App-pro­pri­ate? I don’t know. Tele­pathic? Def­i­nitely!

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