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1. In Jan­uary 2009, who sub­mit­ted a recipe for rum­blede­thumps to a cook­book for Don­ald­son’s School for the Deaf, de­scrib­ing it as his favourite food? a. David Beck­ham b. Gor­don Ram­sey c. Gor­don Brown d. David Cameron 2. De­bussy and Ravel com­posed mu­sic mostly in which cen­tury? a. 14th b. 16th c. 18th d. 20th 3. Sas­trugi are par­al­lel wave-like ridges caused by winds on the sur­face of what? a. Snow b. Wa­ter c. Sand d. Grass 4. What is the cap­i­tal of Uzbek­istan? a. Kiev b. Tbilisi c. Tashkent d. Alma Ata

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