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Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

Aries Mar 20 – Apr 18

A com­bi­na­tion of in­trigu­ing de­vel­op­ments and is­sues in­volv­ing var­i­ous obli­ga­tions ap­pears sud­denly and is top pri­or­ity. While these mat­ters are de­mand­ing, what you learn and re­solve in the process more than jus­ti­fies your ef­forts.

Tau­rusApr 19 – May 19

By Wed­nes­day’s en­counter be­tween your ruler Venus and the stern Saturn, you’ll have to do some­thing about tense is­sues in­volv­ing those clos­est. Be­gin by ac­knowl­edg­ing cer­tain changes and then the rest will be easy.

Gemini May 20 – Jun 20

As there’s such a gulf be­tween you and oth­ers, you de­spair of reach­ing a work­able plan. While tense ex­changes are dif­fi­cult to avoid, you’ll be learn­ing as much about your own feel­ings as about facts.

Can­cer Jun 21 – Jul 21

In­stead of try­ing to pre­vent clashes, use ten­sions as a spring­board for pro­duc­tive dis­cus­sions about trou­ble­some prob­lems. Al­low Thurs­day’s Full Moon to bring is­sues to a head. Af­ter that, you’ll be able to dis­cuss them con­struc­tively.

Leo Jul 22 – Aug 21

Hav­ing to deal with some­body who thinks he knows it all and re­fuses to con­sider your ideas can be quite an­noy­ing. Say noth­ing. This puts the facts in the spot­light, then forces even the most stub­born to give in. Af­ter that, mak­ing plans will be easy.

Virgo Aug 22 – Sep 21

The range of plans that you made re­cently are fall­ing apart. While this is dis­cour­ag­ing, it also gives you a chance to re­view those ideas. What you learn will soon more than jus­tify a se­ri­ous re­think.

Libra Sep 22 – Oct 22

Judg­ing by the en­counter be­tween Venus and Saturn, you’ll need to be tough and forth­right with a few peo­ple about prac­ti­cal is­sues as they’re try­ing to pre­tend they’re not re­spon­si­ble for the prob­lems when, in fact, they are.

Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21

Right now dis­cus­sions in­volve those whose think­ing is rigid. Or so it seems. Plus, you’re fac­ing this in sev­eral sit­u­a­tions. Com­mit to a se­ri­ous ex­change of ideas and soon you’ll be ex­plor­ing new ter­ri­tory and learn­ing a great deal.

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 20

You are ex­cited about up­com­ing changes but you’re im­pa­tient. As Thurs­day’s Full Moon height­ens feel­ings about the changes, fo­cus on learn­ing from them. Soon those de­lays will be less both­er­some.

Capricorn Dec 21 – Jan 18

Some of the con­fu­sion you’re fac­ing is the re­sult of a very dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive that oth­ers have. In­vest time in ex­plor­ing what they have in mind. The more you talk, the more you’ll learn from it. It’ll help de­velop a re­ward­ing re­la­tion­ship as well.

Aquarius Jan 19 – Feb 17

Cer­tain plans, some long-stand­ing and a few more re­cent, are not go­ing smoothly. While you can bat­tle to keep them go­ing, you’re bet­ter off let­ting them go and fo­cus­ing on new per­son­ally re­ward­ing or po­ten­tially prof­itable, de­vel­op­ments.

Pisces Feb 18 – Mar 19

Tricky ob­sta­cles and sud­den de­vel­op­ments are over­whelm­ing. This is be­cause of the build-up to Thurs­day’s Full Moon, which height­ens your emo­tions and makes you ques­tion your own pri­or­i­ties.

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