Well­ness wins and woes

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Holis­tic hap­pi­ness

Michelle Mae, 33, works as a make-up artist in Syd­ney and is study­ing nu­tri­tional medicine. She wants to help her clients look good while teach­ing them to look af­ter their bod­ies too.

“I got in­ter­ested in well­ness af­ter see­ing a doc­tor about an al­lergy on my eye. He gave me med­i­ca­tion and said diet def­i­nitely wouldn’t af­fect my eye. I ac­cepted that at first, but later went to see a natur­opath who took me off cer­tain foods and it went away.

“I’m def­i­nitely hap­pier now, and I’ve over­come hard ex­pe­ri­ences in my life by seek­ing heal­ers and nat­u­ral therapists. I went through a di­vorce, which was pretty traumatic, and I turned in­wards to heal. I re­ally went into the ex­pe­ri­ence, talked to peo­ple and read all the things I could to find out why I was feel­ing the way I was.

“It was an emo­tional clear­ing. It re­ally helped, whether or not that was psy­cho­so­matic, I def­i­nitely felt bet­ter. If I was phys­i­cally sick I would go to a doc­tor, but there’s no rea­son why you can’t do both at the same time.”

Holis­tic ho­cus pocus

Mar­garet Frap­pell, 30, works 12-hour days as a the­atre set de­signer in Syd­ney. She’s tried yoga, per­sonal train­ing, detoxes, well­ness re­treats and med­i­ta­tion, but says she al­ways ends up more tired than she was to be­gin with.

“I’ve tried ev­ery well­ness and health rem­edy un­der the sun, but I haven’t found one that works for me.

“A few years ago I got re­ally into health detox­ing and per­sonal train­ing, but I was ab­so­lutely shat­tered by the end of it and started fall­ing asleep in the car driv­ing to work.

“I’d have all the green juices my trainer sug­gested, but I work long hours and you have to be strong and phys­i­cally fit. Some­times I’d grab a cou­ple of cho­co­late bars and a packet of chips for lunch, then I’d feel re­ally bad and com­pen­sate with more juices, and by the time I got home I’d be so hun­gry I’d grab an In­dian take­away.

“I tried hot power yoga for a while, but I to­tally over­did that and ended up throw­ing up all night.

“I don’t put too much pres­sure on my­self any more; I try to leave work on time so I can make an evening yoga class and if I can’t, I don’t beat my­self up about it. It’s a nice bal­ance and seems to be work­ing.”

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