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ACROSS 11. Re­tired Bri­tish mid­dle-dis­tance ath­lete who won gold in the 800 me­tres and 1,500 me­tres at the 2004 Olympics in Athens (6) 12. Mytho­log­i­cal Greek son of Aegeus and Po­sei­don who slew the Cre­tan Mino­taur with the help of Ari­adne and her ball of thread (7) 13. English com­edy writer whose no­table sit­coms in­clude Open All Hours and Keep­ing Up Ap­pear­ances (6) 14. In mu­sic no­ta­tion, a sym­bol in the form of a curved line used to in­di­cate notes are to be sung to one syl­la­ble or played with a bow legato-style (4) 15. 1961 film by Ja­panese di­rec­tor Akira Kuro­sawa that in­spired Ser­gio Leone to make A Fist­ful of Dol­lars (7) 16. No­bel Prize-win­ning the­o­ret­i­cal physi­cist who de­vel­oped the gen­eral the­ory of rel­a­tiv­ity (8) 17. Ac­tor and drama­tist who played Her­cule Poirot in six films in­clud­ing Death on the Nile, Evil Un­der the Sun and Ap­point­ment with Death (7) 19. Let­ter of the Greek al­pha­bet

be­tween beta and delta (5) 21. Time of ori­gin (7) 25. S-shaped ar­chi­tec­tural mould­ing (4) 27. The sci­en­tific study of the be­hav­iour, clas­si­fi­ca­tion and dis­tri­bu­tion of an­i­mal life, both liv­ing and ex­tinct (7) 29. Flower that sprang from the spilled blood of a hero ac­ci­den­tally killed by a dis­cus thrown by Apollo (8) 31. Coun­try, birth­place of run­ners Mary Kei­tany and David Rud­isha (5) 32. The ______ of Di­b­ley; sit­com by Richard Cur­tis and Paul May­hewArcher star­ring Dawn French, Emma Cham­bers and Gary Wald­horn (5) 33. Gar­ment pop­u­larised by fash­ion de­signer Mary Quant in the 1960s (9) 36. _________-Ar­denne; re­gion of

north-east France (9) 38. English poet of the Ro­man­tic era who wrote La Belle Dame sans Merci and Ode to a Nightin­gale (5) 39. River ris­ing in the Scot­tish Borders; also a woollen cloth for coun­try at­tire (5)

43. French ver­sion of a Span­ish tor­tilla or an Ital­ian frit­tata (8) 44. One of The Three Tenors (7) 45. Shoe­maker’s model of a foot on which boots and shoes are shaped or re­paired (4) 46. Pre­his­toric pe­riod of time in which ad­vance­ments in met­al­work­ing and farm­ing took place (4,3) 48. Dog char­ac­ter in the English lan­guage ver­sion of Bel­gian car­toon­ist Hergé’s The Ad­ven­tures

of Tintin se­ries (5) 50. Term for a vol­cano con­sid­ered un­likely to erupt again (7) 54. Dated term for The Pony Club eques­trian day event for chil­dren and young adults, now more com­monly called mounted games (8) 56. Belt or sash worn from shoul­der to hip for sup­port­ing a sword, bu­gle or drum (7)

58. Peer ____; play in five acts by Nor­we­gian drama­tist Hen­rik Ib­sen (4) 59. Char­lotte ______; stage name of the singer whose de­but al­bum Voice

of an An­gel con­sists of a col­lec­tion of arias (6)

60. Horse-drawn ve­hi­cle used in an­cient war­fare and rac­ing (7)

61. Aus­tralian swim­mer who won three gold medals in the 2000 Syd­ney Olympics (6)

DOWN 1. English nov­el­ist whose works

in­clude The Col­lec­tor, The Ma­gus and The French Lieu­tenant’s Woman (6) 2. Artis­tic hand­i­craft of pro­duc­ing or­na­men­tal pat­terns on cloth with coloured threads (10) 3. Aus­tralian brand of cool box (4) 4. De _____; from the Dutch lit­er­ally mean­ing “the style”, art move­ment co-founded by Theo van Does­burg, Piet Mon­drian and Bart van der Leck (5) 5. Char­ac­ter in love with Lysander in Wil­liam Shake­speare’s 1590-96 play

A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream (6) 6. Cur­rency of the Philip­pines equal to 100 cen­tavos (4)

7. The Fall of the House of _____; 1839 tale by Edgar Allan Poe (5) 8. North­ern-Euro­pean penin­sula cov­er­ing Nor­way, Swe­den and much of north­ern Fin­land (11) 9. Artist who de­signed the Blue Peter ship logo and pre­sented two pop­u­lar tele­vi­sion shows for chil­dren fea­tur­ing the char­ac­ter Morph (4) 10. Recre­ational or com­pet­i­tive sport, ei­ther Alpine or Nordic (6) 18. Pasta in the form of grains of bar­ley or rice, tra­di­tion­ally pre­pared with lamb in Greek cook­ery (4) 20. 2010 novel by au­thor of The Blair

Years, Alas­tair Camp­bell (4) 22. In her­aldry, a sketch of a coat of arms in out­line; also a sailor’s spell at the helm (5) 23. Herb also called cilantro (9) 24. 1983 novel by Stephen King (9) 26. English fi­nancier who founded the Royal Ex­change in 1566 (7) 28. Birth­stone for Oc­to­ber (4) 30. Cir­cu­lar boards with con­cen­tric cir­cles used in archery and darts (7) 34. The study, skill and prac­tice of mak­ing maps (11) 35. Main stem of a stag’s antler (4) 37. Juicy fruit of a plant re­lated to pump­kins and cu­cum­bers (5) 40. Beef __________; tra­di­tional English dish of ten­der­loin coated in pâté and finely chopped mush­rooms, baked in puff pas­try (10) 41. ____ Project; ar­ti­fi­cial biome-based tourist at­trac­tion in Corn­wall (4) 42. Ei­ther of the two broth­ers who opened Le Gavroche in 1967 (4) 47. One of the words in the English dic­tionary without writ­ten vow­els (6) 49. Ac­tor who starred in Moon­light­ing (6) 51. Ap­pe­tiser or hors d’oeu­vre (6) 52. Quan­tity of baked bread (5) 53. Wig­gle-Honda cy­clist who won gold at the 2012 Lon­don Olympics along­side Dani King and Joanna Rowsell (5) 55. The com­poser of Show Boat (4) 56. Ac­tor who starred in the first se­ries of Game of Thrones (4) 57. An­drew Lloyd Web­ber mu­si­cal (4)

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