Crushed broad beans and av­o­cado with Parme­san and su­mac bis­cuits

(serves 8)

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Prep time: 15 mins Cook­ing time: 15 mins

For the bis­cuits 125g Parme­san, grated 125g but­ter, cubed 125g plain flour, plus ex­tra for dust­ing 1/2 tbsp ground su­mac 5–6 tbsp melted but­ter, for brush­ing 1 tbsp black sesame seeds For the beans 1kg fresh or frozen broad beans, shelled 1 ripe av­o­cado 1 small lemon, juiced 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp tahini 1/2 tsp ground su­mac

1 To make the bis­cuits, pre­heat a fan oven to 180°C. Place Parme­san, but­ter, flour and su­mac in a food pro­ces­sor and blend un­til well com­bined. Tip on to a flour-dusted sur­face and work into a smooth dough.

2 Sep­a­rate dough into four equal pieces, roll each to about 1/2 cm thick­ness be­tween parch­ment pa­per, lift the top parch­ment off then brush with a lit­tle melted but­ter and sprin­kle with sesame seeds.

3 Ar­range the dough on a bak­ing tray and cook for eight min­utes, un­til just golden. Re­move and cool slightly be­fore break­ing each piece into four to five smaller bis­cuits.

4 To pre­pare the beans, heat a large pan of wa­ter, add the broad beans and boil for 10 min­utes. Drain and rinse un­der cold wa­ter. Peel the skins off the beans and dis­card.

5 In a food pro­ces­sor, briefly blend the beans with av­o­cado, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini and su­mac, so that the beans are still a lit­tle chunky. Sea­son to taste and serve with Parme­san and su­mac bis­cuits.

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