Quick takes

Friday - - Leisure -

1. What does the Ger­man word ‘ver­boten’ mean?

a. Ex­actly as spo­ken

b. Ex­actly as writ­ten

c. For­bid­den

d. Ob­scene

2. Hives refers to a com­mon al­ler­gic skin reaction that doc­tors call ur­ti­caria, from the Latin ur­tica, which means what?

a. Red­ness

b. Swelling

c. Nettle

d. Itch­ing

3. Which are the only two South Amer­i­can coun­tries that do not bor­der Brazil?

a. Chile and Bo­livia

b. Bo­livia and Ecuador

c. Chile and Ecuador

d. Peru and Ar­gentina

4. On a pen­cil, if B (black) refers to graphite, what does the H (hard) re­fer to?

a. Wood

b. Clay

c. Glue d. Lead

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