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What’s your favourite kind of mu­sic?

My big­gest love is house mu­sic. I lis­ten to chill-out house when loung­ing by the pool, com­mer­cial house if I want to sing along, and un­der­ground house when I want to hear some­thing new.

Artists who have in­flu­enced you?

On the un­der­ground scene, pro­ducer Ste­fano Noferini’s style is amaz­ing. He al­ways gets peo­ple on the dance floor with his high-en­ergy tracks. Com­mer­cial wise, Calvin Har­ris and David Guetta are do­ing a great job by bring­ing dance mu­sic to all cor­ners of the world.

Type of mu­sic you play at Coop­ers?

I try to mix it up to cater to all tastes. Com­mer­cial dance mu­sic works very well, and I also throw in up-to-date chart mu­sic and a few classics as well.

Ever leave the decks to party with crowd?

I’m not a very good dancer, so I’ll leave that job to the rev­ellers.

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