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Each of th­ese is a quiz ques­tion in its own right, but the an­swers con­nect to a com­mon theme, which could be any­thing from plumb straight­for­ward to bizarrely lat­eral.



3. Which man, who served as Speaker of the United States House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives from 1903 to 1911, is con­sid­ered by many to be the most dom­i­nant Speaker in US his­tory? Gas­ton Means’ book The Strange Death of Pres­i­dent ___ claims that this US pres­i­dent’s wife poi­soned him. Which pres­i­dent? Which pre-First World War Ger­man in­dus­tri­al­ist and politi­cian owned coal mines, ships, more than 60 news­pa­pers and traded in wood, grain and iron ore? 4. Which Ot­toman and Turk­ish army of­fi­cer, rev­o­lu­tion­ary states­man and writer was the first pres­i­dent of Tur­key?

5. Which au­thor, born Józef Teodor Kon­rad Korzeniowski, wrote the Heart of Dark­ness, which was adapted by Fran­cis Ford Cop­pola (pic­tured) for his film Apoc­a­lypse Now?

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Conrad Joseph 5. Ataturk Ke­mal Mustafa 4.

Stinnes Hugo 3. Hard­ing G War­ren 2. Can­non Joseph 1.


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