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1. No­mo­pho­bia is an ir­ra­tional fear of be­ing with­out one’s what? a. Mother b. Mo­bile phone c. Money d. Mo­tor­bike 2. Which coun­try has the long­est coast­line? a. Canada b. In­done­sia c. Green­land d. Rus­sia 3. Who said “Build a bet­ter mouse­trap and the world will beat a path to your door”? 4. The source of the

Mis­sis­sippi River is a. Ralph Waldo Emerson b. Thomas Edi­son c. Frank Lloyd Wright d. Ma­hatma Gandhi Min­nesota a. 4.

Emerson Waldo Ralph a. 3.

or­der) in fol­low rest the( Canada a. 2. phone Mo­bile b. 1.


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