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serves 4) (Deep-fried pan­cakes soaked in su­gar syrup) Prep time: 3 hours Cook­ing time: 30 mins In­gre­di­ents 1 litre milk 30g maida (re­fined flour) 300g su­gar 1 cup wa­ter pinch saf­fron, mixed with 1 tsp hot milk ghee (clar­i­fied but­ter), for fry­ing saf­fron, chopped al­monds and pis­ta­chios, to gar­nish Method 1. Boil milk in a heavy-bot­tomed pan un­til it re­duces and has a creamy con­sis­tency. Leave to cool. 2. Once milk has cooled, whisk in maida and 30g su­gar un­til su­gar dis­solves and bat­ter is of a pour­ing con­sis­tency. Add a lit­tle more milk if re­quired. Leave to rest at room tem­per­a­ture for 3 hours. 3. Mean­while, boil re­main­ing su­gar with wa­ter to make su­gar syrup that is of one-string con­sis­tency*. Add saf­fron and milk mix­ture to syrup and keep warm. 4. To pre­pare malpuas, heat ghee in a wide, flat-bot­tomed pan. Pour a ta­ble­spoon of bat­ter over ghee and let it spread to form a small pan­cake. Fry over medium heat un­til golden brown, then turn over to fry other side. Re­move and dunk in su­gar syrup. Re­peat process un­til all bat­ter has been used. 5. Ar­range malpuas on a plat­ter and gar­nish with saf­fron and chopped nuts. Serve warm or at room tem­per­a­ture. * To know if su­gar syrup has reached a one-string con­sis­tency, pour a drop of hot syrup on a plate, let it cool down for a few sec­onds, then dip the tip of your fin­ger into it. Touch to­gether the tip of your fin­ger and thumb then sep­a­rate your fin­gers. If syrup forms one string be­tween thumb and fin­ger tip, you have achieved de­sired con­sis­tency. If not, let syrup sim­mer for a lit­tle while longer.

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