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1. Nee­dle, cut­work and bob­bin are types of what? a. Pine cones b. Lace c. Pasta d. Net­tles 2. Fi­asco, which refers to a dis­as­ter in English, is Ital­ian for what? a. Chaos b. Flask c. Rout d. Aban­don­ment 3. What is Toshiba’s com­puter note­book/ tablet model brand called? a. Satel­lite b. Planet c. Sun d. As­ter­oid 4. Which of th­ese cities has not sub­mit­ted a bid to host Expo 2020?

a. Dubai, United Arab Emi­rates b. Ber­lin, Ger­many c. Yeka­ter­in­berg, Rus­sia

d. São Paulo, Brazil

Tur­key İzmir, is bid­der fourth the – Ger­many Ber­lin, b. 4. Satel­lite a. 3. Flask b. 2. Lace b. 1. An­swers

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