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Since my early 20s, when it comes to com­bat­ting age I’ve stood by the prin­ci­ple of not med­dling with na­ture (ad­mit­tedly spurred on by the odd ac­quain­tance with a droopy eye­brow here and a star­tled-rab­bit look there), declar­ing from my soap­box that I would grow old grace­fully. Since pop­ping over the mid-30s thresh­old, how­ever, those con­fi­dent dec­la­ra­tions have waned to a whis­per.

If you’re nod­ding in agree­ment, I have good news for you. The Re­becca Tre­ston Aes­thet­ics Cen­tre in Euromed Clinic Dubai of­fers a three-in-one non­in­va­sive treat­ment that prom­ises (and de­liv­ers) brighter, tighter, smoother skin via a ra­dio fre­quency treat­ment, a mild peel and Magic Hands ther­apy.

The ses­sion be­gan with the Ra­dio Fre­quency Sub­lime Treat­ment, which sounds scary but isn’t. Science­wise, this uses in­frared light and bipo­lar ra­dio fre­quency to heat lay­ers of the skin and stim­u­late new col­la­gen growth. In­stead of bran­dish­ing a scary scalpel, my ther­a­pist used a hi-tech gad­get and I felt only a slight sen­sa­tion as the gun zapped tar­geted ar­eas to shrink old col­la­gen fi­bres and re­duce lines. Ad­mit­tedly as the skin’s der­mal layer heated up, the zap­ping sen­sa­tion was a tad sharp, but then no pain, no gain.

The good thing is when I sat up and looked in the mir­ror I could see an im­me­di­ate change in my skin. Even bet­ter, un­like in­va­sive treat­ments, you can keep up your vir­tu­ous friend­ship with na­ture while your col­leagues re­main none the wiser; the only down­side was a tem­po­rary pink­ness.

Next up was the Man­delic Peel, which un­like stronger gly­colic and lac­tic acid, was gen­tle on the skin. It’s a great choice for first-timers and the an­tibac­te­rial qual­i­ties mean it’s rec­om­mended for mildly acne-prone skin. Af­ter a few mo­ments I felt my skin burn as the dead cells were ex­fo­li­ated, but af­ter ap­pli­ca­tion of a soothing se­same lo­tion the tin­gling dis­ap­peared in­stantly.

Who­ever de­signed this treat­ment knows the im­por­tance of sav­ing the best for last. The Magic Hands was so re­lax­ing, I fell asleep! The Face Lift Mas­sage Ther­apy re­duces fine lines and im­proves skin firm­ness by us­ing Beam, tech­nol­ogy. Elec­tro-fab­ric gloves mas­saged my face for 30 min­utes, pass­ing on a mi­cro-cur­rent of elec­tric­ity to in­crease fi­brob­last ac­tiv­ity, to stim­u­late col­la­gen growth, by 60 per cent. The treat­ment can be cus­tomised for in­di­vid­ual con­cerns and has the added ben­e­fit of en­cour­ag­ing serum and vitamin ab­sorp­tion from ev­ery­day mois­turis­ers.

The re­sults? To steal a line from the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling-star­ring rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love “Se­ri­ously? It’s like you’re Pho­to­shopped!” Grow­ing old grace­fully? I’ll choose to have my cake and eat it (on the way to my sec­ond ap­point­ment) thank you very much! De­tails: Ra­dio Fre­quency, Man­delic Peel and Magic Hands treat­ment at Re­becca Tre­ston Aes­thet­ics Cen­tres in Euromed Clinic. Price from Dh2,300 for 60 min­utes. Fri­day read­ers get a dis­count and can en­joy this spe­cial pack­age for only Dh1,800, of­fer avail­able un­til De­cem­ber. Call 04 394 5422.

aching mus­cles, while I breathed in the sub­tle fresh scent of the oils, which trans­ported me to Zanz­ibar, the spice Is­land in the In­dian Ocean. With the mus­cle pain re­leased, I felt re­laxed. What’s more, I was told that the Elemis deep-tis­sue mas­sage also helps to detox­ify the lym­phatic sys­tem and im­prove blood cir­cu­la­tion.

The sec­ond half of the pam­per­ing was de­voted to restor­ing my skin. The state my face was in, I ex­pected my ther­a­pist to reach for her im­ple­ments and be­gin ex­tract­ing the black­heads and what have you. In­stead she ap­plied a re­hy­drat­ing rose-petal cleanser. I was told it was good for my com­bi­na­tion skin. It was re­moved with a warm cloth and a bal­anc­ing laven­der toner was ap­plied to re­move im­pu­ri­ties and ex­cess prod­uct as well as bal­ance my skin’s pH.

Next up, an ex­fo­lia­tor was ap­plied to re­move dead skin cells. The shea but­ter and beeswax, I was told, are used in or­der to deeply cleanse and re­store dull and life­less skin.

It was re­moved with a warm cloth, and my face was then coated with a herbal laven­der re­pair mask, which was left on for 10 min­utes. En­riched with rose­mary, thyme and es­sen­tial oils, the cool­ing, pu­ri­fy­ing mask heals and re­pairs the skin, and the clay ab­sorbs ex­cess oil. In the in­terim I was treated to a bliss­ful head mas­sage. Af­ter the bat­tery of cleansing, slough­ing and firm­ing prod­ucts, the treat­ment fin­ished off with a leave-on max­i­mum-mois­ture day cream, which is light­weight and loaded with good­ness from the an­tiox­i­dant-rich desert plants my­rotham­nus and tamarind, plus lash­ings of vi­ta­mins to hy­drate the skin.

I was pleas­antly sur­prised that the spots on my face had dis­ap­peared with­out me en­dur­ing the pain of ex­trac­tion. In just over two hours, I left with soft, ra­di­ant skin and much lighter shoul­ders.

De­tails: Elemis Ab­so­lute Spa Rit­ual, Sa­far Spa, MÖven­pick Ibn Bat­tuta Gate Ho­tel. Dh760 for 120 min­utes. Call 04 444 5422.

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