2. Start an ev­i­dence jour­nal

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Buy a nice book that you will want to write in. “This is go­ing to be your ev­i­dence or grat­i­tude jour­nal, and in this you write down each day all the things you have achieved. Think small – your achieve­ments don’t have to be huge!

“It could be re­ceiv­ing a com­pli­ment from your line man­ager, to get­ting to the of­fice on time, walk­ing 3km in your lunch break, get­ting all the laun­dry done, or fin­ish­ing a chap­ter of the book you’re writ­ing or read­ing. Note all pos­i­tive emails and com­pli­ments.”

Louise also rec­om­mends a tech­nique she calls Phone-A-Friend, which can re­sult in an im­me­di­ate con­fi­dence boost.

“Choose five peo­ple who like you and have your best in­ter­ests at heart,” she says. “Then ask them the fol­low­ing five ques­tions.

What do you per­ceive to be my great­est strengths? What do you like most about me? When do you see me shine? What three words sum up the pos­i­tive points about me?

What do you per­ceive to be the big­gest blocks in my life?

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