Quick takes

Friday - - Leisure Test Your Iq -

1. In the One Thou­sand and One Nights sto­ries, which fic­tional king is told the sto­ries by his wife Scheherazade? a. Haroun Al Rashid b. Shahryar c. Shahza­man d. Ali Shar 2. The Puma Tro­phy is a rugby union tro­phy con­tested for reg­u­larly be­tween Aus­tralia and which other coun­try? a. New Zealand b. Eng­land c. Ar­gentina d. Ghana 3. What are the bones of your fin­gers or toes called? a. Carpals b. Tarsals c. Pha­langes d. Dig­its

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