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ACROSS 1. Screen­writer and di­rec­tor from New Zealand whose no­table pro­duc­tions in­clude An An­gel at My Ta­ble, The Pi­ano, Por­trait of a Lady and the TV mini-se­ries Top of the Lake (7) 5. Edi­ble shell­fish eaten as part of a tra­di­tional Welsh break­fast with laver­bread (6) 8. Bev­er­age served by a barista (6) 13. Trop­i­cal fruit of a tree in the cashew, pis­ta­chio and su­mac fam­ily, eaten raw or used to make juices, smooth­ies, pick­les and chut­neys (5) 14. Dutch painter and etcher whose work was part of a Dh1.1 bil­lion art heist in 1990; one of the big­gest art thefts in his­tory, still un­solved (9) 15. Bolero-like garment for cov­er­ing the arms and shoul­ders (5) 16. Form of raf­fle com­mon at fetes (7) 17. Al­ter­na­tive name for the snow leop­ard and an old name for the Eurasian lynx (5) 18. Film-maker dubbed the wild man of Bri­tish cin­ema whose pro­duc­tions in­clude Women in Love (7) 19. 1,440-page-long epic in four vol­umes by Leo Tol­stoy (3,3,5) 21. Born in Fitzwilliam in 1940, a for­mer York­shire and Eng­land bats­man and cap­tain who is one of the high­est ac­cu­mu­la­tors of first-class cen­turies in his­tory (7) 27. The UK’s heav­i­est and fastest-fly­ing ducks (6) 29. Vic­to­rian nov­el­ist who wrote The Or­deal of Richard Feverel, The Adventures of Harry Rich­mond and poetry col­lec­tion Mod­ern Love (8) 32. The Great­est Show on _____: The Ev­i­dence for Evo­lu­tion; 2009 book by bi­ol­o­gist Richard Dawkins (5) 34. Word puzzles in­vented by Arthur Wynne; a se­ries of which re­vealed five of the top-se­cret D-Day code words dur­ing the Sec­ondWorld War (10) 35. The __________; one of the Adam Dal­gliesh mys­ter­ies by PD James (10) 37. Home to _____; sit­com that starred John Thaw and Reece Dins­dale (5) 38. Bee- and but­ter­fly-at­tract­ing plant

with va­ri­eties in­clud­ing Lit­tle Lady,

Peter Pan and Miss Kather­ine (8) 39. Por­tuguese city south of Porto and north of Lis­bon (6) 41. An­cient Greek city where the Mask of Agamem­non was dis­cov­ered by Hein­rich Sch­lie­mann in 1876 (7) 43. The ______−_____; fic­tional so­ci­ety of mys­tery-solv­ing chil­dren in a se­ries of ad­ven­ture books by Enid Bly­ton (6,5) 49. Brand of sauce made from a va­ri­ety of chilli pep­pers of the same name; also a Mex­i­can city with the cap­i­tal Vil­la­her­mosa (7) 52. Fruit of the rose fam­ily, known as pomme in French, mela in Ital­ian and

man­zana in Span­ish (5) 53. Genus of flow­er­ing plants known as love-in-a-mist, and ragged lady; the seeds of which are used in Mid­dle East­ern cui­sine (7) 55. Nat­u­ral tex­tile with a ten­dency to crease, made from flax fi­bres (5) 56. French sci­en­tist re­garded as the fa­ther of mod­ern chem­istry noted for his dis­cov­ery and de­scrip­tion of the role oxy­gen plays in com­bus­tion (9) 57. Lit­tle _____; small white heron with plumes dur­ing the breed­ing sea­son (5) 58. City and cap­i­tal of a can­ton of the same name in cen­tral Switzer­land, bor­der­ing Lake Lucerne (6) 59. Gym­na­sium and grove be­side the tem­ple of Apollo in which Aris­to­tle taught phi­los­o­phy (6) 60. The cap­i­tal of Cameroon (7) DOWN 1. Bill Ha­ley & His ______; 1950s group who gained in­stant suc­cess with their record­ing of Rock Around

the Clock (6) 2. In mu­sic, a half note (5) 3. Genus of plants more com­monly called morn­ing glory (7) 4. For­mer French prov­ince, site of the Sec­ond World War invasion code-named Op­er­a­tion Over­lord (8) 5. Dessert or break­fast dish of fruit sim­mered with su­gar, cin­na­mon, star anise and vanilla pods (7)

6. The __________ of Nar­nia; se­ries of seven nov­els by CS Lewis (10) 7. Finch with a fond­ness for flaxseed (6)

9. For­mer band with mem­bers in­clud­ing brothers Liam and Noel Gal­lagher (5)

10. The _____; ubiq­ui­tous power

in the Star Wars se­ries of films (5)

11. Ger­man po­lit­i­cal philoso­pher who

wrote The Con­di­tion of the Work­ing

Class in Eng­land (6) 12. Com­mon name of a method of sound re­pro­duc­tion in­vented by Alan Blum­lein in 1931 (6) 20. The sci­ence of hear­ing (9) 22. Rus­sian drama­tist who wrote The

Seag­ull and The Cherry Or­chard (7) 23. Birth­stone for De­cem­ber (9) 24. Atomic num­ber 80, sym­bol Hg; or the planet clos­est to the sun (7)

25. The ______ Com­edy; epic poem by Dante Alighieri (6) 26. Four-wheeled horse-drawn car­riage named af­ter the son of He­lios (7) 28. Rib­bon or­na­ment awarded for achieve­ments at Pony Club events (7) 30. Plant in the chicory genus with the va­ri­eties Bavar­ian, curly and es­ca­role (6) 31. Re­cip­i­ent of the 1944 No­bel Prize in Chem­istry for con­tri­bu­tions to­wards the dis­cov­ery of nu­clear fis­sion (4) 33. Cold dessert tra­di­tion­ally made with goose­ber­ries (4) 36. Name of the main space­craft in the Star Trek fran­chise (10) 40. Se­ries based in 2065 with the char­ac­ter Cap­tain Troy Tem­pest (8) 42. Son of Zeus and Leto (6) 44. Chem­i­cal el­e­ment, atomic num­ber 75, named af­ter a Euro­pean river (7) 45. Painter and sculp­tor born Domenikos Theotokopou­los (2,5) 46. A gramo­phone nee­dle (6) 47. English physi­cian who was the first to de­scribe the cir­cu­la­tion of blood (6) 48. Au­thor of Nau­sea, The Age of Rea­son and Trou­bled Sleep (6) 50. Green leather par­lia­men­tary seat (5) 51. Nick­name of the for­mer In­dian crick­eter who was the first bats­man to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket (5) 54. Ac­tress who starred in House­boat (5)

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