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1. Venice is tra­di­tion­ally known as Queen of which sea? a. Mediter­ranean b. Adri­atic c. Io­nian d. Tyrrhe­nian 2. Which fic­tional char­ac­ter was briefly en­gaged to a woman named Agatha? a. Her­cule Poirot b. Sher­lock Holmes c. James Bond d. Bat­man 3. What kind of

syn­the­sised mu­sic genre was pi­o­neered by Brian Eno in the Sev­en­ties? a. World b. Am­bi­ent c. House d. Ga­lac­tic funk 4. Ex­clud­ing small en­claves and prin­ci­pal­i­ties such as San Marino and the Vat­i­can, which is the only land­locked coun­try to be com­pletely sur­rounded by another coun­try? a. An­dorra b. Liecht­en­stein c. Le­sotho d. Gam­bia Le­sotho c. 4. Am­bi­ent b. 3. Holmes Sher­lock b. 2. Adri­atic b. 1.


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