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“It’s the last bas­tion of sci-fi that we haven’t re­ally ex­plored prop­erly yet,” says Stu­art, who sug­gests that smart watches might just be the next big thing.

There are ru­mours of an Ap­ple watch – and its flex­i­ble touch­screen dis­play – and while most in­dus­try watch­ers think the de­vice will be cen­tred on in­for­ma­tion (text mes­sages, fit­ness per­for­mance and, er, the time), it seems in­evitable that games will fol­low.

“We’ve only just started see­ing what can be done, and are wait­ing for a big player to crack it,” Stu­art says. Sadly, no one thinks the new Sam­sung Gal­axy Gear watch has re­ally done it.

“Wear­able tech is a great way to sup­ple­ment a game,” adds Phil Gaskell, cre­ative di­rec­tor and co-founder of up-and-com­ing dig­i­tal games pub­lisher Rip­stone. “It could be used, for ex­am­ple, to soak up day­light when you’re out and about, and then turn this into vir­tual en­ergy for your Far­mville crops by night.

“It al­lows game de­sign­ers to record lots more in­for­ma­tion about the gamer than just thumb and finger in­puts.”

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