Quick takes

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1. The chick of which bird has claws on its wings to help it climb tree branches? a. Cuckoo b. Wood­pecker c. Hoatzin d. Road Run­ner 2. What word of Ger­man ori­gin means sat­is­fac­tion or plea­sure felt at some­one else’s mis­for­tune? a. Zeit­geist b. Ge­sund­heit c. Schaden­freude d. Blaupunkt

3. “If mu­sic be the food of love, play on” is the open­ing line of which play by Shake­speare? a. Twelfth Night b. As You Like It c. A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream d. Romeo and Juliet City Mex­ico a. 4. Night Twelfth a. 3. Schaden­freude c. 2. Hoatzin c. 1.


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