‘I can dis­lo­cate my shoul­der in my sleep’

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I’m now 22 and I’ve learnt how to limit break­ages by mov­ing care­fully, but I still dis­lo­cate a joint about five times a week. I can be walk­ing down the road, turn­ing a tap, open­ing a jar or reach­ing for my coat and I dis­lo­cate my fin­gers, wrists, an­kles or toes. Also in my sleep, I can turn over and sud­denly my shoul­der has dis­lo­cated. I’ve even learnt how to pop them back in my­self.

To help me deal with my ill­ness I had coun­selling and pain-man­age­ment cour­ses, which were use­ful, and I got a job in a chemist. Liv­ing with chronic pain can be ex­haust­ing and I’m prone to pick­ing up in­fec­tions, which can mean tak­ing rounds of an­tibi­otics. It meant time off work and even­tu­ally I found the job too much.

I now work as an of­fice as­sis­tant, which is much less de­mand­ing, and have an un­der­stand­ing boss. I re­ally love my job. It helps me feel nor­mal. Two years ago I also met my fi­ancé Jake Allen, 22. We’re not in a rush to get mar­ried, but we want to have a fam­ily when we do. We know it will be hard for me and I may have to spend the last few months of preg­nancy in a wheel­chair but Jake is so sup­port­ive I know he’ll al­ways be there.

I may still have to be care­ful not to hurt my­self when brush­ing my hair, but it just goes to show you can get through any­thing when you’ve got peo­ple who love you. I’m look­ing for­ward to the fu­ture for the first time.

A tis­sue sec­tion of hu­man skin with Eh­lers-Dan­los Syn­drome stained with He­ma­toxylin

Eh­lers-Dan­los Syn­drome

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