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Look be­yond your bank bal­ance

Ev­ery week, I en­joy read­ing the Mak­ing a Dif­fer­ence ar­ti­cles as the sec­tion shines a spot­light on those un­sung he­roes who have not only in­vested money but also their time into causes that should ide­ally be looked into by the au­thor­i­ties.

This week the ar­ti­cle on John Matthews, the fi­nan­cial di­rec­tor of a law firm who was lead­ing a priv­i­leged life in Dubai be­fore he chucked it all to set up schools in im­pov­er­ished Nepal (‘A new les­son in change’, De­cem­ber 27), made me re­alise that at heart most of us are com­pas­sion­ate peo­ple but there are just a few of us who make that noble sen­ti­ment the very pur­pose of our life. John is one of those few and hope­fully his life will be an ex­am­ple to all those who are not able to look be­yond their own bank bal­ance.


It’s time to take ac­tion

The real-life story this week was truly in­ter­est­ing (‘I’ve been on di­ets since I was nine!’, De­cem­ber 27).

Con­sid­er­ing it is the time of year when every­body is mak­ing new year res­o­lu­tions and I’m sure los­ing weight must be the most pop­u­lar one, this ar­ti­cle was very timely.

Af­ter read­ing the fea­ture, I too re­alised it’s about time I took some se­ri­ous steps to­wards los­ing weight, es­pe­cially since my ex­cess weight is mak­ing me feel lethar­gic all the time. I had be­gun to avoid go­ing out with friends as I feel guilty eat­ing out; I avoid look­ing at my­self in the mir­ror as I don’t like the way my clothes fit me and I feel I’m grad­u­ally los­ing con­fi­dence.

So, thank you Fri­day for giv­ing me this wake-up call. I have al­ready en­rolled in a nearby gym and have started work on los­ing those ex­tra ki­los.

SHREYA KU­MAR, VIA EMAIL Col­lette Camp­bell’s 20-odd-year bat­tle with the bulge proves one thing – any­thing is pos­si­ble if you put your heart into it. She felt that she needed to lose weight so that she was able to keep up with her baby boy – and she did.

Her beam­ing smile on the first page of the ar­ti­cle proves that she might have lost the pounds for her son’s sake but it is she who has gained in con­fi­dence and hap­pi­ness. Ku­dos to Col­lette for she has be­come an ex­am­ple to all those who are peren­ni­ally look­ing for ex­cuses for their seden­tary life­style. Me in­cluded.

I am def­i­nitely go­ing to bring about a change tomy life this new year.


John quit his job in Dubai to help ed­u­cate chil­dren in Nepal

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