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While you may not give it much thought, you stand to ben­e­fit a great deal from what could be termed ‘sheer good for­tune’ this year. This comes from the fact that you’re ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of ex­actly that – op­por­tu­nity and good luck. Of course, it has as much to do with your fun­da­men­tally in­quis­i­tive na­ture and your in­stinct for gen­eros­ity.

While oth­ers are fo­cus­ing on how cir­cum­stances will ben­e­fit them, you’ll be ask­ing ques­tions and, equally, think­ing of oth­ers. Your open-minded ap­proach to life has ben­e­fit­ted you over the years. But now, bizarrely, you’ll find that the same at­ti­tude doesn’t work as well as it used to.

It isn’t that your luck has changed. Rather, it’s about your des­tiny tak­ing you in a new di­rec­tion, into new ter­ri­tory. It’s about you learn­ing to work, live and think in an en­tirely new way.

While there might have been good op­por­tu­ni­ties dur­ing 2013, and many of th­ese will con­tinue dur­ing 2014, in ev­ery case events are en­cour­ag­ing you to look at life from a dif­fer­ent an­gle and to work in a dif­fer­ent way – and some­times to work harder than you have ever be­fore.

Again, this cer­tainly is not to say that you don’t work hard. But you have

You’ll need to play your hand care­fully. Take things slowly

an in­stinct for cut­ting cor­ners and when you can, you will. How­ever, with your ruler, Jupiter, form­ing a se­ries of pow­er­ful, if chal­leng­ing, as­pects to Pluto, the planet of truth, trans­for­ma­tion and power, sig­nif­i­cant strug­gles in late Jan­uary and April will en­cour­age you to re­view your usual ap­proach to chal­lenges of this na­ture.

Of course, not ev­ery­thing will be dif­fi­cult. On the con­trary. Jupiter forms a se­ries of stun­ning as­pects to the prac­ti­cal Saturn, which is po­si­tioned in the most vul­ner­a­ble part of your chart, and you can ex­pect some lovely pe­ri­ods in your life. It bril­liantly as­pected Saturn twice in 2013, and it forms a third of th­ese bril­liant as­pects in late May. This means you’ll still stum­ble over amaz­ing ideas or op­por­tu­ni­ties. But you’ll need to han­dle them dif­fer­ently, or you may need to do some­thing out of char­ac­ter and seek the sup­port or ideas of oth­ers to ex­ploit the sit­u­a­tions.

Be­cause you think and move swiftly, you’ll of­ten make de­ci­sions based on your in­stincts and your own ex­pe­ri­ences. How­ever, with eclipses tak­ing place dur­ing the months of April and Oc­to­ber in­di­cat­ing changes in cir­cum­stances you’re deal­ing with, you could find that you’re forced to mod­ify plans and swiftly change the course of your life more of­ten. Dis­rup­tive as this may be, the flip side is that it helps you look at is­sues from a dif­fer­ent point of view and find new ways of tack­ling chal­lenges.

Another im­por­tant point to bear in mind this year is that with the most prac­ti­cal planet of them all, Saturn, rest­ing in the cau­tious sign of Scorpio, you’ll need to play your hand very care­fully.

Take things slowly, which is, of course, out of char­ac­ter for you. Al­though ex­tremely chal­leng­ing at times, what you learn is pre­par­ing you for the in­tense cy­cle of growth that be­gins when Saturn moves into your sign late in 2014, and be­gins a lengthy stay that will last un­til the end of 2017. Dur­ing that pe­riod you’ll find you’re able to ben­e­fit from the ef­forts you’ll be mak­ing now.

How­ever, the other task you’ll have – and this may seem an odd thing to de­scribe as a task – is to learn to em­brace new and ex­ist­ing joys.

It may be that the ac­tiv­i­ties that have been a plea­sure for you in the past change be­cause your life changes, or it could be that as a re­sult of the cir­cum­stances you’re drawn into or the peo­ple you meet, you find your­self pur­su­ing those new joys.

What­ever the case, dur­ing 2014, life and luck will draw you into new set­tings. Take time to savour the joys and your life will be ful­fill­ing.

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