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1. Cur­rent 100m world cham­pion Usain Bolt hails from which coun­try? a. USA b. Kenya c. Ethiopia d. Ja­maica

2. Who was the hero­ine of Al­fred Hitch­cock’s film Torn Cur­tain, which had Paul Newman as the hero? a. Grace Kelly b. In­grid Bergman (pic­tured) c. Julie An­drews d. El­iz­a­beth Tay­lor 3. Which of the fol­low­ing is not a rep­tile? a. Gila mon­ster b. Ko­modo dragon c. Mon­i­tor lizard d. Ar­madillo 4. What is my­dri­a­sis? a. Malaria b. Deaf­ness c. Widen­ing of the eye’s pupil d. Headache

pupil the of Widen­ing b. 4. Ar­madillo d. 3. An­drews Julie c. 2. Ja­maica d. 1. An­swers

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