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Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

Aries Mar 20 – Apr 19

With your ruler, Mars, and Mer­cury plus, as of Mon­day, the sun, all ac­cent­ing oth­ers’ views, dis­cus­sions pre­vent you from mak­ing de­ci­sions swiftly. An­noy­ing as this is at first, what you learn from oth­ers more than jus­ti­fies any de­lays.

Tau­rusApr 20 – May 20

Of­fer what­ever ad­vice you can but be aware that you could be drawn into talks that ben­e­fit oth­ers but not you. Also, by late Jan­uary, you’ll have vi­tal de­ci­sions to make about your own life, for which you need to ex­plore your op­tions right now.

Gemini May 21 – Jun 20

You’re an­noyed by those who turn de­ci­sion-mak­ing into a long process. But with Mer­cury ac­cent­ing ex­plo­ration, th­ese dis­cus­sions could be favourable. The trick is to keep plans flex­i­ble enough to re­think that vi­sion as facts sur­face.

Can­cer Jun 21 – Jul 21

In your ef­forts to help oth­ers you’ve ig­nored cer­tain of your own needs. But you must make up for lost time. For now, de­fine those is­sues and en­sure oth­ers know your pri­or­ity is to deal with them. Ac­tu­ally tack­ling them comes next week.

Leo Jul 22 – Aug 22

You’re un­der pres­sure to make plans yet don’t know what to do. Tell oth­ers you’re wait­ing for midFe­bru­ary’s Leo Full Moon. By then is­sues and pri­or­i­ties will change. Know­ing that, keep your plans fluid.

Virgo Aug 23 – Sep 22

With Mer­cury and Sun com­ing to­gether to ac­cent prac­ti­cal mat­ters, you get a chance to re­view your pri­or­i­ties. But you’ll be faced with ob­sta­cles which will pre­pare you for more se­ri­ous prob­lems in the fu­ture.

Libra Sep 23 – Oct 22

Ask­ing oth­ers about their views on your de­ci­sions is un­wise right now as they’re feel­ing edgy them­selves. But don’t worry as this mood will soon pass and you’ll be talk­ing over is­sues con­struc­tively with­out the time-con­sum­ing dra­mas.

Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21

The rapid pace of change has pre­vented you from deal­ing with cer­tain prac­ti­cal mat­ters which is ac­tu­ally good. The pow­er­ful al­liance be­tween Jupiter and Pluto on the 31st could trans­form both your think­ing and your cir­cum­stances.

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 20

Be cau­tious about dis­cussing is­sues as unim­por­tant mat­ters could devour your time. Recog­nis­ing those that are ac­tu­ally your re­spon­si­bil­ity and what re­ally should be left to oth­ers should en­able you to avoid time-con­sum­ing dra­mas.

Capricorn Dec 21 – Jan 19

Judg­ing by what arises this week, you’ll re­alise that you’ve made a few un­wise com­mit­ments. Some of th­ese are dif­fi­cult to deal with and re­quire re­view. Ac­tu­ally, this is good as it will re­veal op­tions that you would have by­passed oth­er­wise.

Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 17

Be re­laxed about the changes cur­rently reshaping yours as well as oth­ers’ lives. It’s as it should be now while you’re in the run-up to next week’s Aquarius New Moon and the ac­com­pa­ny­ing in­sights.

Pisces Feb 18 – Mar 19

Now that you’re in the midst of cer­tain con­tentious mat­ters, you’re re­al­is­ing some is­sues aren’t ac­tu­ally your af­fair. Say­ing that is the best way to en­sure that any­thing you are in­volved with is worth your while.

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