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The big story about the Shani Shing­na­pur vil­lage in In­dia (‘The vil­lage with­out doors’, Jan­uary 10) was in­deed a big story in ev­ery sense. I had heard of it be­fore, but read­ing about it a was a true plea­sure. It felt like I was there with the vil­lagers.

Let’s hope the ar­ti­cle will help spread the be­lief that it’s pos­si­ble to live in a crime-free so­ci­ety.

RA­MACHAN­DRAN NAIR, BY EMAIL While we are shocked by many neg­a­tive hap­pen­ings in In­dia, the ar­ti­cle on Shani Shing­na­pur re­as­sures us and shows that there is a ray of light and that not ev­ery­thing is hope­less.

SUCHARITRA LIN­DUS, BY EMAIL The story about the vil­lage with­out doors was re­ally amaz­ing and hard to be­lieve. In an era where peo­ple do ev­ery­thing to make their houses more se­cure, an en­tire vil­lage where peo­ple do not even have doors shows their trust in so­ci­ety and in their neigh­bours. The fact that there is a bank in the vil­lage that also does not have locks on the door was even more sur­pris­ing.

Thank you, Fri­day, for bring­ing such in­cred­i­ble sto­ries to light. If I had heard about this story from some­body, I would have con­sid­ered it a fairy tale.

EMIL ABRAHAM MATHEW, BY EMAIL That was an amaz­ing fea­ture on a vil­lage with­out doors. Al­though it is un­com­fort­able to think of liv­ing in a house with­out doors, it is nice to know that such a won­der­ful place ex­ists.

VIDYA HARI­DAS, VIA FACE­BOOK I have been to that vil­lage and have seen for my­self the houses with­out doors. It’s just amaz­ing.

PRITI NARESH BALWANI, VIA FACE­BOOK I had read about this place and re­mem­ber see­ing a doc­u­men­tary about it sev­eral years ago. Thanks for the fea­ture. It’s ‘wow’!


A vil­lage with no doors got our read­ers


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