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1 What is the Swahili word, mean­ing ‘free­dom’, for Mount Kil­i­man­jaro’s peak? a. Uhuru b. Ul­luru c. Bwana d. Penda 2 With ref­er­ence to names of their re­spec­tive cap­i­tal cities, which is the odd one out? a. El Sal­vador b. Cambodia c. Ethiopia d. Mon­go­lia 3. The pop­u­la­tion of the world is clos­est to what? a. 5 bil­lion b. 6 bil­lion c. 7 bil­lion d. 8 bil­lion 4. The Saltire, which is a white X-shaped cross against an azure blue back­ground, is the name of which coun­try’s na­tional flag? a. Den­mark b. Scot­land c. Ire­land d. Greece Scot­land b. 4

bil­lion 7 c. 3 Ba­tor) Ulan al­lit­er­a­tive

non­the is cap­i­tal whose( Mon­go­lia d. 2 Uhuru a. 1 An­swers

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