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9 Nov­el­ist, or­phaned at age 10, who served as a se­cret agent dur­ing the FirstWorldWar and wrote books in­clud­ing Of Hu­man Bondage, The Moon and Six­pence and Cakes and Ale (7)

10 Ro­man god­dess of the hunt and the moon with the Greek coun­ter­part Artemis (5) 11 The Great­est Show on _____: The Ev­i­dence for Evo­lu­tion; 2009 book by bi­ol­o­gist Richard Dawkins (5) 13 Ce­ramic de­signer noted for her art deco-style pieces and pat­terns while work­ing forWedg­wood such as Black Fruits, Glen Mist and Corn­poppy (6) 14 En­gi­neer and physi­cist who in­vented the first al­ter­nat­ing-cur­rent elec­tri­cal sys­tem and a de­vice that demon­strated that pro­duc­ing al­ter­nat­ing cur­rents at ex­tremely high fre­quen­cies could be safe (5) 15 Eques­trian dis­ci­pline con­tested by Char­lotte Du­jardin, Laura Bech­tol­sheimer and Carl Hester at Lon­don 2012 (8) 16 _____ and Har­ris; largest is­land of the Outer He­brides where a va­ri­ety of tweed has been hand-wo­ven since 1846, chief town Stornoway (5) 17 Mol­lusc with va­ri­eties served in dishes such as an­gels on horse­back and other non-ed­i­ble va­ri­eties farmed for pearls (6) 20 Board game with play­ing pieces in­clud­ing an old boot, a top hat, a Scot­tie dog and a bat­tle­ship (8) 23 Style of un­tanned leather shoe with a pat­tern of per­fo­ra­tions, sim­i­lar to an Ox­ford but tra­di­tion­ally brown (6) 25 Ac­tor whose roles ranged from King Lear, to the nar­ra­tor of Padding­ton and the voice of Bad­ger in The Wind in

the Wil­lows film and se­ries (7) 26 ______ de Winter; French spy char­ac­ter in Alexan­dre Du­mas père’s

The Three Mus­ke­teers (6) 28 Chef and cook­ery writer who spe­cialises in Mid­dle Eastern cuisines who wrote Plenty (10) 30 _____ Lin­ton; Cather­ine Earn­shaw’s hus­band in Wuther­ing Heights (5) 32 Co-au­thor of The Of­fi­cial Sloane Ranger Hand­book with Ann Barr (4)

33 Unit of speed equal to one nau­ti­cal

mile per hour; also a wad­ing bird in the curlew, god­wit, snipe and wood­cock fam­ily (4) 34 Tribe led by Queen Boudicca (5) 36 Cap­i­tal of Den­mark, where Hafnium was dis­cov­ered in 1922 (10)

37 Ac­tor who starred in True Ro­mance, Leon: The Pro­fes­sional, The Fifth El­e­ment and Tinker Tai­lor Soldier Spy (6) 38 Also known as Per­sian pick­les and Welsh pears, tex­tile de­sign based on a pat­tern of stylised pine cones and feather-shaped fig­ures (7) 39 Novel by Jilly Cooper in her Rut­shire

Chron­i­cles se­ries (6) 41 Come­di­enne who starred in Bland­ings as Lady Con­stance Kee­ble (8) 44 One of the team cap­tains on Have I

Got News for You (6) 46 Desert Is­land _____; BBC Ra­dio 4 se­ries with the open­ing theme By the

Sleepy La­goon by Eric Coates (5) 49 English artist noted for his paint­ing

The Monarch of the Glen and four bronze lions in Trafal­gar Square (8) 51 Ir­ish drama­tist who died in ex­ile (5) 53 ______ salad; dish of cos let­tuce served with crou­tons, Parme­san shav­ings and a dress­ing (6) 54 _____ mous­se­line; va­ri­ety of hol­landaise made frothy with whipped cream, served with steamed as­para­gus or salmon (5) 55 Word suf­fixed to the sur­name of a male pupil at a pub­lic school, in­di­cat­ing the younger of two broth­ers (5) 56 Na­tion or race of fe­male war­riors in Greek mythol­ogy (7)


1 Food with re­gional vari­a­tions such as a clootie, won­ton or gnoc­chi (8) 2 Europe’s se­cond-tallest build­ing, de­signed by ar­chi­tect Renzo Pi­ano (5) 3 Nick­name of a Se­condWorldWar fly­ing ace, fa­ther of the leader of the Con­ser­va­tive Party from 2001-03 (6) 4 Col­lec­tion of po­ems by Ho­race (4) 5 World’s most pop­u­lous is­land (4) 6 The third most ex­pen­sive spice in the world by weight af­ter saf­fron and vanilla (8) 7 Long­est river in the UK (6) 8 Band that con­sisted of twins Matt and Luke Goss with Craig Lo­gan (4) 9 Mem­ber of the Blooms­bury Group who wrote Prin­cipia Eth­ica (5) 12 Ger­man philoso­pher who wrote

The Science of Logic (5) 18 City in the only land­locked re­gion of Italy (5) 19 Ac­tor who starred as Clark Kent and Su­per­man in a se­ries of films (5) 21 Oasis in the Syr­ian desert (7) 22 Cui­sine served in the Lon­don Polpo restau­rants (8) 24 Com­pound es­sen­tial for vi­sion and healthy skin, also called vi­ta­min A (7) 25 For­mer leader of the UK’s Con­ser­va­tive Party now serv­ing as For­eign Sec­re­tary and First Sec­re­tary of State (5) 26 From the Ital­ian mean­ing “sailorstyle”, a sauce for pasta based on toma­toes, onions, gar­lic and basil (8) 27 Nov­el­ist and travel writer whose no­table works in­clude The Alexan­dria

Quar­tet te­tral­ogy and Pros­pero’s Cell (7) 29 Seat serv­ing as a chest; also a va­ri­ety of silk used to make QC gowns (7) 31 Live-bear­ing aquar­ium fish (5) 35 _____ set­ter; breed of gun dog (5) 36 Ba­sic bi­o­log­i­cal units of life (5) 38 Va­ri­ety of smoked beef served thinly sliced with rye bread (8) 40 Com­mon name for the lar­ynx (5,3) 42 Au­thor of Water­ship Down (5) 43 The county town of Devon (6) 45 2009 novel by David Ni­cholls (3,3) 47 Tax­o­nomic rank above or­der (5) 48 Word link­ing Pa­cific and At­lantic (5) 50 Old term for an evening party (4) 51 Fig­ure skater turned cou­turier noted for her wed­ding gowns (4) 52 For­mal ti­tle of a baron (4)

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