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Ien­joyed read­ing the in­ter­view with Naseerud­din Shah (‘Most Hindi movies are silly’, Jan­uary 31), for here is one star who does not mince words when ex­press­ing his views about an in­dus­try that he is an in­te­gral part of. Gen­er­ally you come across stars who have only good things to say about the kind of films com­ing out of Bol­ly­wood these days and they are ex­tremely tact­ful about the ma­jor film-mak­ers as they don’t want to up­set them by be­ing crit­i­cal.

Mr Shah was re­fresh­ingly hon­est, but that does not mean that I agree with what he said. In re­cent times there have been sev­eral Bol­ly­wood films with a strong orig­i­nal script that have been made beau­ti­fully and have done well at the box of­fice.

Shalini Patwardhan, via email

With due re­spect to Naseerud­din Shah, I do not agree with his state­ment that most Hindi movies are silly.

In the in­ter­view he says that he has not seen enough com­mer­cial Hindi movies. Then how can he say that most of them are silly?

He should not gen­er­alise. We have tal­ented com­mer­cial cinema ac­tors who have given great per­for­mances in some great, never-to-be-for­got­ten Hindi films.

I guess Mr Shah must see some more com­mer­cial Hindi movies and then ex­press his view, es­pe­cially when he hap­pens to be a highly re­spected fig­ure in the Hindi film in­dus­try and his opin­ion mat­ters.

Sangeeta Bhalla, via email

Iab­so­lutely loved read­ing the in­ter­view with Bappi Lahiri (‘The king of bling’, Jan­uary 31).

It took me back in time. When I grew up psy­che­delic dis­cothe­ques ex­isted only in the movies and his mu­sic was In­dia’s an­swer to pop.

In ret­ro­spect, his mu­sic might lack melody and crit­ics could say it was very ba­sic and tacky, but I don’t know of any­body who grew up dur­ing Bappi’s peak years who has not danced to his tunes.

And isn’t that the sign of a suc­cess­ful star?

San­deep Bhat­tacharya, via email

The real-life story this week was sim­ply awe-in­spir­ing (‘Crip­pled by the Mum­bai at­tack but I bat­tled back to run a marathon’, Jan­uary 31).

Rü­drani Devi proves that we should make the most of what life has to of­fer us and not let ma­jor or mi­nor set­backs take over our dreams and goals. She is a real-life hero be­cause even though she was shot at, wit­nessed her friends be­ing killed and then saw her hus­band walk out on her, she re­mained fo­cused on her dream of run­ning a marathon.

Who says role mod­els are rare these days? She is def­i­nitely one.

Nan­dini Nay­yar, via email

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