quick takes

Friday - - Mind Games -

1 Napoleon (pic­tured) met his Water­loo – but in which coun­try is Water­loo? a France b Bel­gium c Ger­many d Nether­lands

2 Which type of cloud brings rain? a Stra­tus b Cir­rus c Cu­mu­lus d Nim­bus

3 The last time a US postage stamp was is­sued show­ing a cig­a­rette, who was de­picted smok­ing it? a Grou­cho Marx b Win­ston Churchill c FD Roo­sevelt d Clark Gable

4 Meissner’s cor­pus­cles are as­so­ci­ated with which spe­cial sense of the hu­man body? a Taste b Touch c Smell d Sight

Touch b 4 Roo­sevelt FD c 3 Nim­bus d 2 Bel­gium b 1 An­swers

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