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11 Academy Award-win­ning ac­tor mar­ried to Arthur Miller’s daugh­ter whose films in­clude The Last of the Mo­hi­cans, The Boxer and Lin­coln (3-5) 12 Tav­i­s­tock-born El­iz­a­bethan mariner and ex­plorer de­spised by the Span­ish who was the first English­man to cir­cum­nav­i­gate the globe (5) 13 City in Thuringia where Jo­hann Se­bas­tian Bach, Jo­han­nWolf­gang von Goethe, Wass­ily Kandin­sky, Franz Liszt, Richard Strauss and Richard Wag­ner once resided (6) 14 The Mys­te­ri­ous Mr ____; collection of short sto­ries by Agatha Christie, first pub­lished in 1930 (4) 15 Chemical _______; any one of 118 known sub­stances distin­guished by an atomic num­ber; 98 of which oc­cur nat­u­rally on earth (7) 16 Fic­tional vil­lage in a long-run­ning ra­dio soap opera with the open­ing theme Bar­wick Green (8) 17 _____ the Dragon; 1973 Bruce Lee movie re­leased six days af­ter his death (5) 18 English eques­trian known as “The Long Fel­low” whose vic­to­ries in­clude nine wins at Ep­som Derby and be­ing crowned cham­pion jockey 11 times be­tween 1960 and 1982 (7) 20 Rope for tow­ing a dinghy or fas­ten­ing it to a quay (7) 24 Generic name for a wild, scram­bling, usu­ally prickly shrub such as the black­berry bush, rasp­berry, dew­berry and boy­sen­berry plants (7) 26 Si­mone _______; Ital­ian pain­ter (7) 27 English ar­chi­tect and stage de­signer in­flu­enced by An­drea Pal­la­dio whose no­table build­ings in­clude the Queen’s House, Green­wich and the Ban­quet­ing Hall, White­hall (5) 31 Rus­sian city in which nov­el­ist Fy­o­dor Dos­toyevsky served four years of ex­ile with hard labour (4) 33 Ital­ian ex­plorer who sailed in his ship Matthew from Bris­tol in 1497 in search of Asia but landed on the main­land of North Amer­ica, mak­ing him the first Euro­pean to do so (5) 34 Bun­dle of ax­ons pro­vid­ing a path­way for the trans­mis­sion of mil­lions of neu­rons con­vey­ing elec­tro­chem­i­cal im­pulses to the brain or spinal cord (5) 35 Pen name of the French nov­el­ist who wrote Pêcheur d’Is­lande ( An Ice­land Fish­er­man) (4) So­lu­tions will be given next week. Last date for en­tries is Fe­bru­ary 18. The win­ner and the names of those who got all an­swers cor­rect will be an­nounced on Fe­bru­ary 28. Win­ner of Jan­uary 31 crossword: Michael Plaug­mann PO Box 49499, Dubai.

36 White patch be­tween the nos­trils of some horses and ponies (4) 37 2008 novel by Dick Fran­cis (5) 39 _____ tartare; dish of finely chopped beef, shal­lots, cor­ni­chons and capers served topped with an egg yolk (5) 40 One of the Chan­nel Is­lands (4) 41 _____−head; band whose al­bums in­clude Pablo Honey, The Bends, OK Com­puter and The King of Limbs (5) 42 Leading film-maker and son of a prime min­is­ter whose works in­clude A Cot­tage on Dart­moor, Pyg­malion, The Mil­lion­airess and The VIPs (7) 43 As­tronomer Royal from 1742-62 who dis­cov­ered the aber­ra­tion of light and nu­ta­tion of the earth’s axis (7) 47 Artist noted for use of bril­liant colour in works such as The Green Don­key and The Blue Cir­cus (7) 49 Neuro−_______; sec­tion of the hu­man skull hous­ing the en­cephalon (7) 50 Leg­is­la­tor whose code of laws pre­scribed death for triv­ial crimes (5) 54 Egg dish with re­gional vari­a­tions in­clud­ing the frit­tata and tor­tilla (8) 56 The non-mag­i­cal people in JK Rowl­ing’s Harry Pot­ter se­ries (7) 58 Small safety de­vice with stan­dard rat­ings in­clud­ing 3A, 5A and 13A (4) 59 Mytho­log­i­cal Fate re­spon­si­ble for spin­ning the thread of hu­man life (6) 60 Aunt _____; char­ac­ter played by Una Stubbs in the se­ries Worzel Gum­midge (5) 61 Rub­ber used to make wet­suits and over­shoes for road cy­cling (8)


1 Planet with the moon Ti­tan (6) 2 ________ Palace; seat of the Dukes of Marl­bor­ough in Wood­stock, Ox­ford (8) 3 Cloth used for coun­try cloth­ing (5) 4 Se­ries of French comics cre­ated by René Goscinny and Al­bert Uderzo (7) 5 Mem­ber of the Monty Python and The Rut­les troupe (4) 6 Dessert of puff pastry baked over a layer of caramelised ap­ples, served fruit-side up (5,5) 7 French artist noted for his de­pic­tions of bal­leri­nas and race­course scenes (5) 8 New town in­Wales, north of New­port, south of Aber­gavenny (7) 9 Is­land coun­try with the cap­i­tal Suva (4) 10 ______ dance; se­quence of move­ments per­formed by a hon­ey­bee as a form of com­mu­ni­ca­tion (6) 19 The Self­ish _____; one of the sto­ries in Os­car Wilde’s collection for chil­dren The Happy Prince and Other Tales (5) 21 Rice _______; pasta-like strips used as one of the main in­gre­di­ents in pad Thai and laksa dishes (7) 22 Nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring su­gar; a vi­tal source of en­ergy for the brain (7) 23 Breath­ing tube twinned with a mask for swim­ming face down (7) 25 Coun­try with the cap­i­tal Bucharest (7) 28 Muse of mu­sic, daugh­ter of Zeus (7) 29 Cap­i­tal of the coun­try Ge­or­gia (7) 30 1992 Lynda La Plante se­ries star­ring Brenda Fricker and Josette Si­mon (7) 32 Au­thor noted for his sto­ries fea­tur­ing char­ac­ters in­clud­ing Mowgli, RikkiTikki-Tavi and Shere Khan (7) 38 The City of Lon­don (in­for­mal) (6,4) 39 Fab­ric used to make pointe shoes (5) 44 Town next to the M25 (8) 45 1986 Oliver Stone Viet­nam film (7) 46 Game played on ice with brooms (7) 48 Bee­keeper and for­mer RSPB pres­i­dent who pre­sents Spring­watch and Au­tum­n­watch (6) 51 One of the trigono­met­ric func­tions (6) 52 Con­stel­la­tion con­tain­ing part of the Large Mag­el­lanic Cloud (5) 53 Cra­vat-like tie worn with a pin (5) 55 ____ Stay To­gether; Al Green song that fea­tures in Tarantino’s Pulp Fic­tion (4) 57 Artist noted for his The Dis­as­ters ofWar and Black Paint­ings se­ries of works (4)

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