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Friday - - Mind Games -

1 Fusilli pasta is in which shape? a Shell b Corkscrew c Rib­bon d Bow 2 Ac­cord­ing to Per­rault’s orig­i­nal Cin­derella story, what were her slip­pers made of? a Glass b Wood c Fur d Leather 3 What are words such as Unicef and Radar called? a Acronyms b Palin­dromes c Ana­grams d Pan­grams 4. What gas is taken in from the at­mos­phere by plants and used for pho­to­syn­the­sis? a Oxy­gen b Ni­tro­gen c Car­bon diox­ide d Hy­dro­gen

diox­ide Car­bon c. 4. Acronyms a. 3. Fur c. 2. Corkscrew b. 1. An­swers

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