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ACROSS 1 Pen name of the English au­thor David John Moore Cornwell whose nov­els in­clude The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, The Hon­ourable School­boy and A Del­i­cate Truth (2, 5) 5 Tra­di­tional Provençal stew based on a va­ri­ety of fish, veg­eta­bles and herbs served with rouille and bread (13) 12 Icy body with an ec­cen­tric or­bit in the Kuiper belt with five known moons: Charon, Hy­dra, Ker­beros Nix, and Styx (5) 13 ------- Sally; song that fea­tures in a film adap­ta­tion of a novel writ­ten by Roddy Doyle of the same name (7) 14 Ital­ian physi­cist and anatomist whose find­ings based on the twitch­ing of frogs’ legs in an elec­tric field led to his dis­cov­ery of bio­elec­tro­mag­net­ics (7) 15 Form of mu­si­cal en­ter­tain­ment usu­ally based on a light or hu­mor­ous theme (8) 16 Ac­tor who starred in Pride and Prej­u­dice, the Brid­get Jones movies,

Do­rian Gray and The King’s Speech (5) 17 Cap­i­tal of the coun­try with other ma­jor cities in­clud­ing Split, Ri­jeka, Osi­jek and Sibenik (6) 20 Ital­ian dessert of espresso-soaked savoiardi, mas­car­pone, cream and co­coa (8) 23 -----hole; Cor­nish fish­ing har­bour and ham­let de­scribed by Dy­lan Thomas as “the loveli­est vil­lage in Eng­land” (5) 24 ----- Hutt; city in theWelling­ton re­gion of New Zealand (5)

26 Ran­dom -------; 1941 novel by the au­thor who also wrote Lost Hori­zon and Good­bye, Mr Chips (7) 27 French au­thor whose novel Madame

Bo­vary re­sulted in him be­ing charged by the govern­ment (and later ac­quit­ted) (8) 29 Aus­trian physi­cist and philoso­pher of sci­ence who con­trib­uted to­wards the de­vel­op­ment of the mea­sure of speed based on the speed of sound (4) 32 A collection of bees or bee­hives (6) 33 First-mag­ni­tude red su­per­giant star, the bright­est in Scor­pius (7) 35 Ace of ------; also known as the “death card”, the high­est-rank­ing card in a deck (tra­di­tion­ally) (6)

39 ---- Welling­ton; dish of pâté- and dux­elles-coated fil­let steak, wrapped in puff pastry and baked (4) 40 Pro­fes­sional who writes mu­sic (8) 42 Bright­est star in Ursa Mi­nor (7) 44 Earth pig­ment used by Johannes Ver­meer to cre­ate The Milk­maid (5) 46 Any of three species of birds re­lated to wag­tails in the genus An­thus (5) 48 Work of art or lit­er­a­ture por­tray­ing coun­try life (8) 50 In­for­mal term for copy­right in­fringe­ment (6) 51 Quan­ti­ties of paper equal to 500 sheets or 20 quires (5) 52 Clas­sic Si­cil­ian dish of aubergines, toma­toes, cel­ery and onions flavoured with capers, green olives, pine nuts, raisins and pars­ley (8)

57 The Wings of --- ----; 1902 novel by the au­thor of The Por­trait of a Lady and What Maisie Knew (3, 4) 58 Breed of gun dog trained to in­di­cate the pres­ence of game in a sim­i­lar man­ner to the set­ter (7) 59 Coun­try with a tri­coloured na­tional flag and the Ashoka Chakra at its cen­tre (5) 60 The ------- ------; band who cel­e­brated their 50th an­niver­sary in 2012 (7, 6) 61 One of the artists whose work was re­cently dis­cov­ered in an art stash in Mu­nich (7) DOWN 1 El­e­men­tary par­ti­cle such as a muon or tau (6) 2 Shal­low, stemmed glass dish in which chilled fruit desserts are served (5) 3 Sec­ond-largest city of Brazil (3, 2, 7) 4 Re­gional di­alect for an ant; also a nick­name for a tourist in Corn­wall (5) 5 Kate ----; singer-song­writer whose al­bums in­clude Lion­heart, The Sen­sual

World and The Red Shoes (4) 6 Chemical el­e­ment that was used to make a va­ri­ety of now retro glass­ware that glows bright green un­der ul­travi­o­let light (7) 7 De­vice in­vented in its in­can­des­cent form by Sir Joseph Swan (5, 4)

8 Mytho­log­i­cal ship that sailed from Iol­cos to Colchis (4)

9 Bri­tish sit­com star­ring Gor­den Kaye as café owner René Ar­tois (4, 4)

10 The Lit­tle -------; nick­name of cabaret singer Édith Piaf (7)

11 City, birth­place of Alexan­der Gra­ham Bell, Robert Louis Steven­son and Sir Arthur Co­nan Doyle (9)

18 The chil­dren’s im­print of Pen­guin Books; also the auk known as the clown of the seabirds (6)

19 Ac­tress who starred as Sir Henry Irv­ing’s leading lady for 20 years (5) 21 Mother of King Arthur (7) 22 The ninth Greek let­ter (4) 25 Sec­ond-largest moon of Saturn, named af­ter the Ti­tan who res­cued her son Zeus from Cronus (4)

28 English writer who cre­ated The

Hitch­hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (5) 30 Tax haven in the Pyre­nees (7) 31 A per­son who stud­ies caves (12) 34 Con­ti­nent, site of the world’s small­est state by area and pop­u­la­tion (6) 36 Belt sim­i­lar to the Ja­panese obi (4) 37 Flow­er­ing plant such as the Pa­paver

rhoeas (5) 38 Crea­tures in Pierre Boulle’s 1963 sci-fi novel La Planète des singes (4) 39 Long-run­ning se­ries with an award badge de­signed by Tony Hart (4, 5) 41 Mrs ---------; char­ac­ter cre­ated by Nor­we­gian au­thor Alf Prøy­sen (9) 43 Veg­etable in the cab­bage fam­ily (8) 45 Weight used in pow­er­lift­ing (7) 47 Horol­o­gist known as the “fa­ther of English clock-mak­ing” (7) 49 Bishop’s ------; Grade I listed build­ing in­Wells noted for bell-ring­ing swans (6) 53 Latin word for gold (5) 54 World’s long­est moun­tain range (5) 55 Com­poser of Wozzeck and Lulu (4) 56 Genus name of the great bus­tard (4)

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