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What to look for A grey shadow just un­der the eye­lashes, which of­ten looks like smudged eye make-up, high­lights a prob­lem with the stomach. There may also be a sin­gle fur­row in the mid­dle of the eye­brows, above the nose.

“Low stomach acid is one of the most com­mon di­ges­tive con­di­tions,” says Mary-Lou.

“About 90 per cent of the people I treat have low stomach acid and it is vi­tal for good health be­cause one of its main func­tions is to as­sim­i­late an­i­mal protein, which we need for our brain, our hor­mones and our moods. To make stomach acid, our bod­ies need vi­ta­min B6 and zinc, but when we are stressed and when our su­gar and caf­feine in­take is high, B6 and zinc get de­pleted.

“With­out stomach acid, food won’t get as­sim­i­lated prop­erly, so no mat­ter how healthy our diet is, the nu­tri­ents won’t get used.”

Symp­toms In­di­ges­tion and heart­burn show low stomach acid, but it also man­i­fests with de­pres­sion, poor mem­ory and mood dis­or­ders.

What to do Take a good sup­ple­ment of hy­drochlo­ric acid, such as Nu­tri-West Hypo-D.

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