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Bal­ance Well­ness Cen­tre, Dubai

I have to con­fess – I’m a spa rookie. I never in­dulge and rarely treat my body. But be­fore I could bolt from the Bal­ance Well­ness Cen­tre’s serene lobby with its gur­gling wa­ter foun­tains, my ther­a­pist, Val­sala, whisked me off to the con­sul­ta­tion room.

Since Bal­ance is an Ayurvedic spa, Val­sala ex­plained it uses an Al­tearah Bio Or­ganic Colour Ther­apy – a three-pronged ap­proach to well­ness by har­mon­is­ing the en­ergy cen­tres in my body (or chakras) to heal my mind, body and emo­tional con­nec­tions based on the colours… Or some­thing!

All I’d have to do is pick dif­fer­ent bold hues dur­ing a colour test from a set of coloured cards.

“Choose the shades you feel re­flect your phys­i­cal and emo­tional state of mind,” Val­sala in­structed.

I plumped for green (heart chakra), or­ange (sacral chakra), in­digo (the brow chakra) and gold (the so­lar plexus) and based on this, Val­sala listed my prob­a­ble phys­i­cal and emo­tional prob­lems with ac­cu­racy.

She ex­plained how the treat­ment would re­store har­mony in the prob­lem­atic chakras. So far Val­sala’s com­ments had been spot on.

This fol­lowed the hy­drother­a­py­cum-colour-bath, which in­volved re­lax­ing in a tub of warm wa­ter in­fused with Hi­malayan bath salts to re­duce my body’s pos­i­tive ions and in­crease neg­a­tive ions. For an un­in­ter­rupted 20 min­utes, 152 jets pum­melled away at sore mus­cles. Bogged down with their kids’ bath­times, I could see how mums could en­joy this part of the treat­ment. And we weren’t done yet!

The Well­ness Colour Mas­sage fol­lowed. Scrump­tiously fra­grant Altareah oils based on my cho­sen colours were used in this deep-tis­sue mas­sage – or­ange oil for my back and ab­domen, green for neck, shoul­ders and up­per body, and in­digo oil was swept across my brow.

The dim lights and sooth­ing mu­sic re­laxed me and the mas­sage ban­ished the knots. I found I was re­ally en­joy­ing the pam­per­ing process.

Fi­nally, the fa­cial in­volved a gold serum cleanser in­fused with marigold and lemon essences, rose wa­ter for ton­ing and a sea­weed clay mask, while I set­tled in for a won­der­ful head mas­sage. My bliss­ful 120 min­utes of pam­per­ing even­tu­ally came to an end, leav­ing me with a healthy and bal­anced body and mind. Cost: Dh425 per per­son. To book call 04 384 7010/7011 or visit www.bal­ancewell­ness­cen­

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