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As with cut, steer clear of ex­tremes as in ex­tremely blonde or dark. The most com­mon mis­take is re­mem­ber­ing our nat­u­ral hair as darker or blonder than it re­ally was when it comes to cov­er­ing grey.

Colour ex­pert Daniel Galvin rec­om­mends tak­ing the ends of your hair as a guide for cov­er­ing grey as this is a softer ver­sion of your nat­u­ral colour. As we age our skin loses colour so the hair colour we nat­u­rally had at 20 may not work as we get older.

When go­ing to the sa­lon, take in plenty of pic­tures of the hair colours you like and hate to en­sure you are work­ing to­wards the same shade. Tones should change for sum­mer and win­ter and al­ways use hair care de­signed for coloured hair and reg­u­lar hair masks.

Tip: Blonde hair can look dull, es­pe­cially in win­ter, so ev­ery cou­ple of weeks use a clar­i­fy­ing sham­poo to lift out dirt, prod­uct and pol­lu­tion. The cleaner blonde hair is, the shinier it looks. If you use styling prod­ucts, al­ways sham­poo hair twice – the first wash re­moves prod­uct, the sec­ond re­moves dirt. En­sure you rinse hair af­ter each sham­poo and af­ter con­di­tion­ing. When you think it’s clean, rinse for an­other 15 sec­onds.

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