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1 French-born artist who lived in var­i­ous coun­tries in­clud­ing Peru, Mar­tinique and Tahiti and cre­ated Where DoWe Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Go­ing? (7) 5 King of the Scots who killed his cousin Dun­can I in bat­tle and was later de­feated and killed by Dun­can’s el­dest son Mal­com III (7) 9 Colour which forms one-third of the na­tional flags of Italy, Ire­land and In­dia (5) 14 Lu­mi­nous trail of dust or gas and so­lar winds fol­low­ing a comet (4) 15 Po­lice drama se­ries set in York­shire orig­i­nally based on the Con­sta­ble books by a for­mer po­lice­man with the pen name Ni­cholas Rhea (9) 16 The cap­i­tal of Colom­bia (6) 17 Com­mon name of the plant Al­lium sativum, cul­ti­vated for its ed­i­ble bulbs used to flavour dishes in al­most all na­tional cuisines (6) 18 Friar ____; ac­cord­ing to folk­lore, one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men (4) 19 French dish of a boned, stuffed, shaped poul­try thigh, typ­i­cally poached and served roulade-style (9) 21 Leg­endary Syra­cu­san who pledged his life to Diony­sius I that his friend Phin­tias would re­turn and whose name is syn­ony­mous with trust and loy­alty (5) 23 Sport played on green baize (7) 24 _______ Oliver; char­ac­ter in Agatha Christie’s Her­cule Poirot nov­els in­clud­ing Cards on the Ta­ble, Mrs McGinty’s Dead and Dead Man’s Folly (7) 28 ____ Floren­tine; dish served with spinach (4) 30 __________ and Pif­fle; BBC Two et­y­mol­ogy se­ries that was pre­sented by pro­fes­sional poker player Vic­to­ria Coren (10) 32 Me­dieval and Re­nais­sance in­stru­ment in the wood­wind fam­ily that was a pre­de­ces­sor of the oboe (5) 35 Aus­trian-born Ger­man chemist awarded the 1925 No­bel Prize in Chem­istry for his work on col­loids (9) 36 French name for the card game also called black­jack, pon­toon or twen­ty­one (5-2-2)

39 Birm­ing­ham-born ath­lete who won a gold medal for Great Bri­tain in men’s fig­ure skat­ing at the 1976 Win­ter Olympics (5) 40 Cy­clops blinded by Odysseus (10) 41 ____ and Lovers; 1913 novel by DH Lawrence (4)

43 A di­a­mond 100 carats or more, con­sid­ered per­fect (7) 45 Al­ter­na­tive name for Sir­ius (3,4) 47 Com­poser of or­ches­tral works in­clud­ing Enigma Vari­a­tions and The

Dream of Geron­tius (5) 51 Ei­ther of two cham­bers of the hu­man heart that re­ceives, pumps and oxy­genates blood from the left or right atria to the body and lungs (9) 53 Sec­ond-largest city in Nicaragua (4) 54 ______ flower wa­ter; sub­stance used to flavour baklava, madeleines and var­i­ous Moroc­can dishes (6) 57 Film di­rec­tor whose col­lab­o­ra­tions with Emeric Press­burger in­clude A Mat­ter of Life and Death, Black Nar­cis­sus and The Red Shoes (6)

58 A _________ on Elm Street; 1984 Wes Craven film (9)

59 Pres­i­dent of Mex­ico 1877–80 and 1884–1911; or an ac­tress whose movies in­clude The Hol­i­day and

Bad Teacher (4)

60 Mytho­log­i­cal spirit of na­ture such as Echo, Eury­dice or Tethys (5) 61 Coun­try with the cap­i­tal Kiev (7) 62 Cop­per car­bon­ate min­eral sim­i­lar to mala­chite, but blue (7)

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