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Friday - - Mind Games -

1 Which In­done­sian is­land fig­ures in the New 7 Won­ders of Na­ture list? a Java b Su­ma­tra c Bali d Ko­modo 2 In the say­ing “All that ________ is not gold”, which word (that fills the blank) ap­pears in the orig­i­nal Shake­speare quote? a Glit­ters b Glis­ters c Gleams d Glis­tens

3 Who ut­tered the fa­mous words: “Mr Wat­son, come here – I want to see you”? a Sher­lock Holmes b Fran­cis Crick c Alexan­der Gra­ham Bell d Peter Parker (to Mary Jane’s fa­ther)

4 Which bell tower up­staged the larger and more or­nate cathe­dral for which it was built? a Notre Dame b Cologne c Florence d The Lean­ing Tower of Pisa

Pisa of Tower Lean­ing The d 4

tele­phone) a on spo­ken ever words first the

as­sis­tant, his to( Bell Gra­ham Alexan­der c 3 Glis­ters b 2 Ko­modo d 1 An­swers

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